Top 4 Personal Finance Apps

Android smartphones are daily drivers for many people these days, and the smartphones aren’t only good at taking pictures or playing video files – they can keep track of someone’s personal finances as well. There are many apps on the Google Play Store that are either free or paid; all of them perform pretty well. We have reviewed the best 4 personal finance apps available for Android.

Mint Personal Finance

To manage personal everyday finances, Mint would be many Android and iOS user’s first priority. The app has a very streamlined user interface and anyone can get used to within a very short time. All accounts related with finance e.g. credit and debit cards, banks and bills, loan management, pension and retirement accounts, daily expenditure etc. could be documented within Mint Personal Finance interface. Interest rate could be incorporated within the system and detailed graph charts would be shown for better visualization along with alternative suggestions as well. The only drawback we found is the mandatory setup using a computer. It’s free on Google Play Store.


Monthly bills occupy a larger portion in everyone’s monthly expenditure. The app BillGuard pulls all the payment transaction information from the user’s credit or debit card, observes them and if any fraudulent activity seems to take place the user gets a notification from the app. Notification for any sort of credit card breach or hack will show up as well. Even though BillGuard can effectively monitor someone’s expenditure habit and find relevant coupons for discount, at the same it’s mostly a threat detection app rather than being a comprehensive personal finance app.


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Personal Capital

Personal Capital is mostly useful for investors who run small to medium size business and enterprises. The amount of investment made, revenue and profit etc. could be tracked, but the major features are investment checkups, 401(k) and mutual fund fee calculation etc. Basic personal finance features are widely available but the app was developed with a mindset for investor usage. However, this app can’t move funds between accounts which is a limitation. More like the features Personal Capital provides are just ‘read-only’. Still a good app if one wants their funds to be monitored only.

Better Haves

Many balances have to be made in a conjugal relationship, especially in financial transactions. Better Haves can effectively monitor and create budgeting for couples who want a better control over their cash flow. Virtual envelops would keep filling up as the cash flows and the app would monitor all transactions made through cards. The update is real time and could be accessed from multiple devices.


To have a better grip over personal finance, these four apps are highly useful.


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