Tips For Letting Your Kids Use Your iPhone

One test for you to decide whether your child is ready for a smartphone or not is to let him or her use your own iPhone. This may be great risk for you, but it would be a much bigger risk for you to buy a brand new device for your child when you don’t know about how he cares for delicate gadgets.

Now, depending on how old your child is, you may or may not need constant supervision while he or she uses the device. Even when you have to watch him, it’s just to see if you can trust him or her not to drop it carelessly. When you do want to try giving your child a gadget, here are some tips:


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  1. Turn off unnecessary apps. Make sure you turn off all the apps you were using previously. Your child might accidentally switch to another app and cause havoc to your files or functions.
  2. Turn down the brightness. You can do this easily through the settings app or by holding down the home button, where your open apps are revealed. Just swipe the app bar on the bottom to the right and adjust the volume or brightness there. It’s best if you keep the brightness to the midway range or even mute the device if you think it’s needed.
  3. Disable in-app purchases. Your child might accidentally tap an advertisement and end up buying apps or credits you don’t want. Make sure you’ve changed your settings before giving your iPhone over.
  4. Disable cellular data. A great thing about smartphones and the iPhone is that you can turn off the cellular part. This way, your child can’t call any numbers while he or she is using the phone. The downside is that you can’t receive any messages or calls in turn. Make sure you this doesn’t get in the way of the company phone calling you or clients trying to reach you.
  5. Disable all other apps you don’t want your child to open. Go to the Settings app then under the Generals tab, tap on Restrictions. From there, you can decide which apps can be seen from the moment you set the limitations. You’re required to input a password for your restrictions so make sure you remember it when you want to lift the restrictions. You may notice that the apps you restricted won’t even appear on your phone when you’ve given it to your child. Don’t be afraid that they’re lost, you just hid them.
  6. Talk to your child. Your rules and warnings may not stick immediately, but if you know how to discipline your child and make it clear that there are things he or she should not do on the device, then you may find that the rules work and may translate to great care for his or her own device.

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