Businesses Need To Be Aware Of These Common Cyber Attacks

In much as the internet has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate and be happy about, it has also introduced us to new threats. The internet constantly exposes us to a whole new world of cybercrimes and other attacks which can dearly cost us both individually and as a business.
In recent years, these attacks have grown to a whole new alarming level thereby calling for immediate counteracting measures. It is no wonder businesses are doing everything within their reach to make sure that they”ve improved both their internet and cyber security policies. The bid to improve business security measures has led us to managed IT services.
Because most businesses are finding it hard to maintain an in-house team of elite IT professionals, they are opting to outsource the same. That can explain why providers such as IT services Utah are becoming popular. To help you understand some of the most common tactics attackers are using to swindle businesses, this piece will expound on the same.


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An extremely targeted type of cyberattack. Here, the attacker will pose as someone else and send you a leading email which will most likely provoke you to take a certain action. They mostly count on your curiosity hence making most of these attacks almost irresistible. Since the received email normally contains some authority in there, if due diligence is not observed, you”ll end up clicking a link provided in the email thereby ending up installing malware or a key logger into your system.


These attacks may either take the form of an anti-virus alert which usually pops up whenever you are visiting certain websites or as a malicious email with an attachment or a link which if clicked or downloaded can be catastrophic. Once installed, the malware can operate in the background without detection and wreck all sort of problems.


A very scary type of malware attack where the attacker breaches into your system, gains control of the same and encrypts all your files making it impossible for you to access your own information. They”ll then demand a certain fee in order to give you back the access. But do they really give it back…?
The good thing about this attack is that it can be prevented. Investing in robust anti-malware software can help you gain major ground ahead of the attackers.

Distributed Denial of Service attack

Otherwise abbreviated as DDoS, these attacks occur as a result of overloading a particular network with unnecessary traffic. As a business you”ll know that you’ve been attacked when you begin to experience slow speed within your system. The end results can even lead up to shutting down your business especially in scenarios where you”re operating with limited bandwidth.

Advanced Persistent Threats

With APTs, attackers tend to concentrate on phishing and socially engineered attacks. The attackers can advance a number of phishing campaigns to multiple employees. They”ll use their email addresses to spread these campaigns and hope to attract a few audience. These emails will contain attachments bugged with Trojans which if downloaded and run can infest and affect your system. What”s even disturbing about this kind of attack is that it can gain control of all your operation in a matter of hours to render your helpless.


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