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Reversi is a stratagem of board game, first originated in 1883 which can be played by two players. It is played on an uncheckered board of 8X8. With its latest incarnation, it gains a strong footing in 1970. Reversi or Othello involves a complicated strategy like chess where the player always sets his eyes upon the opponent’s moves. Its fans generally are great admirers of art. People of all age groups from children to adults can play this witty puzzle game. The duration of the game playing can vary from five minutes to one hour depending on the progression of the game.


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How to play Reversi?

  • As the game does not involve a defined position of starting, it can be set on with four markers who should be positioned in the middle square of the board, two markers facing towards light up and two bits facing to the dark side. The player on the dark side will break the ice.
  • To play Reversi, the dark player must lay on the dark side of the checkered board so that there exists a single straight line between another piece and the dark piece having more than one adjacent light piece within them.
  • After the piece placement, the dark piece tips over those light pieces of the straight line. Every piece which is now turned around will display dark side enabling themselves to use later. In fact, reversing of minimum one piece is considered as valid moves.
  • The light players are in play following the same rule of the game only reversing their roles. The light piece causes the dark bit to flick by tossing up on a light piece.
  • In this game, the players can back up. The game automatically passes to another player in case the first player is not able to give a valid move to it. It ends when no player is able to take a valid move. This happens mainly when either the gird is full, the player doesn’t have any piece on the gird or when the player cannot put a piece on any of the check box legally. The player who has larger number of pieces on the board ultimately rules the game over others.

Variants of Reversi

As Reversi is highly calculative game, it offers the players numerous variations. It goes very well when installed in the computer. A multifarious version of computer Reversi can easily take over human rivals. Anyone can buy Reversi to play on his or her Xbox and versions of hand held. He can even play the game against his own computer.

Annual World Championship is held every year where three players can take part in it from each participating country. It is commonly known as the World Othello Championship. These quite stunning international tournaments are generally held in Japan. This accounts to the popularity of Reversi.

To sum up, the brain twister strategy of the game cannot keep away its players to play Reversi every now and then.


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