3 ways to use technology for productivity

With a whole world of technology to explore, there are plenty of ways to boost your workplace efficiency

Running a successful business is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, running a business that has a lot of interest and custom coming in can only be described as a good thing. It means that your business efforts are paying off and that, on the whole, things are going well.


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However, running a successful business also means that there are never enough hours in the day. With a constantly growing list of tasks to complete, efficiency and productivity from you and your employees is absolutely vital if you want to continue to find success.

Thanks to today’s modern business culture, technology has come a long way in helping businesses become more efficient. There are plenty of ways to use technology in order to amp up the speed and quality of your business proceedings, but we’ve managed to whittle it down to just three.

So here are 3 ways to use technology for productivity, courtesy of Syntax IT Support London.

Make the technology you choose easy for employees to use

There is no point introducing the latest and greatest technology into your workspace if the process of using it goes completely over your employees’ heads. Your employees should be able to focus on completing their daily tasks, rather than trying to remember a dozen different processes and passwords just to access the materials they need.

Employees expect the technology they use at work to mirror the tech they use in their day to day life. That means it should be flexible, accessible and be able to run on laptops, desktops and smartphones. This is especially true if you’re asking them to bring their own devices to work.

Allow employees to have some input in the decision process when choosing technology for your workplace. What programs are they familiar with and what do they prefer? For anyone who doesn’t feel confident using new technology, arrange a few hours of training to get them familiar.

Create a consistent technology experience

For a growing business, having more than one premises is a clear sign of success. But you need to make sure that your various workspaces all fall in line with other. Not only will this give your brand consistency, but it also means that when employees move from place to place they aren’t baffled by a dramatic change in tech.

It’s important for all your employees to use the same technology to communicate with each other, as this will help create a seamless process in which nothing is lost in translation. Find out which technology is most familiar to the majority of your employees in order to create the minimum adjustment period.

Choose software that is scalable

Whatever software you choose to bring into your office, you need to make sure that it is flexible and agile enough to move with the times and grow as you grow as a business. As your company reaches new levels of success, you’re guaranteed to have new challenges and demands which your tech will need to meet, such as introducing new team members and acquiring more premises.

Using software like the cloud will allow you to store your documents in a safe space which can be accessed from a variety of locations. As you grow, you have the option to grow your storage too, creating a transition from small start up to successful enterprise which is free from headaches.

Choosing flexible software that’s familiar to your team is the first step in using tech for an effective and efficient working environment. You may want to seek the guidance of an IT support company to help you get started.


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