Why is Aston Martin Vantage a Great Option for New Luxury Car?

Supreme style and racing come to our mind whenever we think about the Aston Martin car and its range. The brand has made its own niche in term of luxury, racing and wonderful cars. When we count the top 10 best cars in the world or in international market, we can’t just afford missing the name of Aston Martin. This car is a proud for UK drivers and known as, ultimate dream car. Most of the people consider it as the car of choice.

Though, the car has come into action after several well-known car brands but still, this car gives a tough competition and beats the famous brands like Porsche and Ferrari. The cars by this brand are being at the top of the coolest cars list. The Aston Martin cars are also giving appearance in the best Hollywood movies. Within such a short period of time, the brand has started producing more than 7K cars per year and this number will definitely increase in shorter duration due to the increasing demand of car among the customers.


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Aston Martin has recently released the wonderful model, 2018 Aston Martin vantage coupe. Though, the relationship of Britain and Germany are not too good and happening but when it comes to the Aston Martin, both the countries has showed their lovely relationship and the result of their relationship is Aston Martin Vantage. Though, the name of Germany is more than enough to believe on the car but Britain has also shown the best craftsman talent in the production of this car.

Cost: If you are awesome and the people can’t reach your level, they will do nothing except criticizing. The criticism automatically raises if you are simply awesome. Similarly, this car is facing a bit of criticism due to high price I.e., $152,820 but once you will see the exceptional features, you would be ready to give extra pennies for it.

Features: Though, the features of this car are so good that it is difficult to explain it here but still, I will try to explain it to you. Let us start.

  • Heated and comfortable seats
  • 6-way electric adjustment with lightweight seats
  • Black pedal footrest and pads
  • Leather sports steering wheel
  • Integrated with Apple iPod connector
  • LED and clear rear lamps
  • HI-Discharge headlamps
  • Main beam and halogen projector headlamps
  • Interior made up of full grain leather
  • Availability with MP3 audio file compatibility, window media player compatibility and waveform audio format is the biggest asset.
  • Exterior mirrors and memory seats having three positions

Recent publishers such as automobile magazine, car and driver and popular mechanics have published several articles for this wonderful car. I personally haven’t read any negative comment on this beautiful edition. This vehicle is a thoroughly engineered and thoroughly tested car and is the best edition in the history of the Aston Martin. Not only among the competitors, but among this car is also technically and mechanically sophisticated in its own.

The body of the Aston Martin vantage is of genuine harmony and genuine quality. The aeronautic function of this car has still not been achieved by the competitors. The beautifully designed fine pieces of the car give the look of moving car when it is the standing still. Optimal breaking performance is another plus point of Aston Martin. In addition to this, the structure of car gives the complete safety to the drivers.

Apart from this, there are several countless features of this car. Some are explainable whereas some can only be experienced. In short, once you roll on the wheels then only you can enjoy the smoother ride. Riding this car is exactly similar like wearing an expensive watch. Not only the car excels in the interiors, but also it is not less than a luxury from outside. So, grab the car right now and experience the smooth ride.


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