Review – Free Email Finder Tool for LinkedIn, Websites and More

A good idea and its development are the basis of any successful start-up. The hard part is getting the right target market. The search for prospects and the creation of prospects lists are one of the essential elements of the growth of any company. There are lots of lead generation tools in the market. In this article, we will examine Snovio.

What is Snovio?

Snovio is an outreach automation tool that aims to help users reach target people, build the bridges with them, and increase sales. What is great about the Email Finder is that it is available as a browser extension. It gets pretty good feedback from the users. Nearly 60,000 users have installed the Snovio Chrome Extension and its rank is 4.9. That’s pretty high and proves that the extension is worth installing, isn’t it?

The key idea of this tool is to find the right connections for a company. This saves a lot of time and money. It is widely used by recruiters looking for the best employees, those looking for the new employer, start-ups and other companies seeking to market their products. Snovio constantly updates its data.

The Snovio platform is a decent email search and verification tool. Users can save their quality time and get email addresses instantly. It also ensures the relevant contact by checking the mailing list.

Let us check the different features of this tool.

Email features offered by Snovio:

  • Domain search
  • LinkedIn Email search
  • Company Profile Search
  • Linker (constructor of Boolean strings)
  • Email checker

Domain Search

You can enter a domain name to search for email addresses. There is also a bulk domain search. You can upload a file with a domain list and Snovio will find the emails associated with them and with the names. With Snovio, there is no problem with poor or obsolete data.

LinkedIn email search

Snovio finds and saves emails from LinkedIn users. Go to the LinkedIn page, look for a specific job role or skill set. Use the Snovio Chrome extension to get the profiles and emails. Snovio attracts more LinkedIn users since it is a massive player in the lead generation market.

Search for company profiles

Snovio has an integrated database of many companies. If you know the name, location, type of company, you can get the emails that are listed in that company”s list.

Email Verifier

Snovio checks email addresses for you. Just upload your mailing list and Snovio will clean it by searching for abandoned and invalid email addresses. Or you can check the email addresses you’ve just found with their finder tool.


Snovio promises that it will allow you to find the right people. And that’s true. Regardless of the plan you are subscribed to, you will have the Linker feature as well. Businesses need people with specific skills. Snovio has a Boolean search option for this. You can filter the list of potential candidates by job title, skills, and location. The skill exclusion option also exists in Snovio. This choice will help get a precise result.

Many users are totally satisfied with Snovio. The human resources departments and sales specialists of many companies highly appreciated this tool.

The Snovio tool has many other advantages. The customer can see the complete details of the data.

Snovio gives you reasonable prices according to your needs. Snovio Tool is free for the first 100 credits (XS = 100 domain searches, unlimited domain emails, 100 verified LinkedIn emails). For 1,000 credits you will have to pay $29 a month. For 5,000 credits, it costs $49 a month.


Snovio is by far the best email extractor. It receives positive reviews from companies like UBER, ORACLE, UBISOFT, LA POSTE, and LEGO. These large companies are satisfied users of Snovio. Such outstanding corporations prove that the platform is really great and is worth trying. Thanks to it, you save time searching for target leads and reaching them.


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