What are the benefits of Using CMMS for Manufacturing Maintenance?

Managing a manufacturing unit is not easy, there are immumerable factors that needs to be handled in order to ensure the smooth working of the entire plant. This task involves tracking of assets, maintaining the assets regularly, entering data and creating reports for the management and the employees. Perhaps manufacturing is a very challenging sector where a small human error in documentation can lead to a loss of production time and a huge amount of money.

Although today a lot of manufacturing companies have adapted modern ways of managing assets, yet there are many who still depend on the traditional pen and paper way of working, which involves a high level of risk.

Luckily, there is a better way to handle these aspects with the help of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The CMMS has the capability to fight with various issues related to data and record maintenance. Thus ensuring that the manufacturing operations do not run the risk of downtime and a loss of human labor hours.

So now let’s see how a CMMS can automate your processes and optimize productivity:


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Reduces Documentation, thus reducing Overtime

The prevalence of Paper-work in manufacturing business is huge and to enter the relevant data on a daily basis is a tiring and time taking process. But with CMMS these data entries can get automated and the staff can spend more time in planning, scheduling, tracking orders and maintaining the assets, to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Planning and prioritizing tasks becomes easy

CMMS can help in identifying the in-progress and the upcoming tasks, so that the technicians can prioritize the tasks and address them as per their criticality. The best part of the CMMS software is that it provides a centralized view of work status, which can be seen by all, thus increasing transparency and aiding fast and effective decision making.

Helps in better Compliance

This is more prevalent in the manufacturing industry where health and safety inspectors make surprise visits to check the health of equipment and see the proof of maintenance with regard to all the safety related equipment and materials. This aspect can be very well dealt, with the help of CMMS, which constantly updates the system about equipment maintenance updates and generates periodic reports of cost incurred in maintenance compared to the amount of production.

Extends the life of Equipment

The biggest investment that a manufacturing unit incurs is in procuring machinery for production. Further to keep up with the market and competition, manufacturers upgrade their products with the help of modern machinery. Therefore if the machines are not maintained properly, then it just adds to the cost of production. To take care of this issue, the CMMS can be a great help. It alerts technicians to check all the equipment as per the schedule. By doing this, companies can ensure that the overall life of the machine is increased and downtimes are considerably reduced.


Having a preventive maintenance strategy is a great boon for any manufacturing sector through which they can increase the efficiency of their assets and also increase the company’s ROI.


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