Top 3 Home Improvement Apps for Android

From starting in architectural studio labs to implementing a new interior in one’s home or some other place, an Android app that provides information on home and interior development could greatly help. Thankfully, quite a handful of such apps are available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. These apps could help someone get an idea on their next interior decoration or home renovation project; calculate an estimate for cost, etc. Not just for the remodeling, some apps would even let the user share their ideas on social networks for opinions from friends and family. On overall assessment, such apps are very useful and they perform pretty well on almost all Android devices. After getting great ideas with the help of such apps, be sure to contact an experienced professional like Seneca Creek Home Improvement to make your visions come to life.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

To gather ideas on house and interior decoration, this app is an encyclopedia. It is very much like Wikipedia where you can find everything related to home improvement! That’s not all. To better support the ideas and help the user visualize there are nearly millions of very high resolution photos to open for viewing. Re-usage of the photos may not be allowed, though. Even though the higher resolution photos incur a higher data charge in case you are on mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, the usefulness this app provides is immense. There’s a scrapbook sort of option where the user can jot down their ideas and draw if they have a device with active pen support. Information on the Houzz Interior Design Ideas are sorted according to room type and location of the room.


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Handy Construction Calculations

Whether redesigning a part of the house or just creating a new part, calculations have to be perfect. There’s no room for guesswork, because a blind guess on such architectural matters can end up in a lack of rigidity or no structure at all. Handy Construction Calculators provide exact and precise measurements to build a new structure from scratch. The basic categories for calculation are roofing, framing, wall-floor-ceiling, foundation, electrical, paving & concrete, masonry, area & volume and landscaping, etc. For some more precise outputs, the smart phone sensors may be used to complete a calculation. This app costs $7.99 – of course it’s not cheap but the functionality offered is worth a lot more

DIY Remodel Cost Calculator

In the modern world, hiring a professional for house remodeling could cost a lot. Do-it-yourself (DIY) is always a better alternative in many cases and with the help of an app like DIY Remodel Cost Calculator – the expenditure could be kept to a minimal amount. The app is best suited for people living in the US or Canada for perfect cost calculation – people living in other regions could try it also.


A little help from these apps would make your next house remodeling project a fun job!


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