Facebook – Features, Business Platform, and Promotions!

Facebook has become a high-end social networking platform where one can share their pictures and other useful content with audience. It is a great tool where one can access lots of incredible functions. Whether you want to order delicious food or transfer money, Facebook is a reliable option for you. One can transfer money in the fraction of seconds.  Facebook is a trusted platform that”s why millions of people are promoting their business on it. Following are the latest Features of Facebook that is providing enormous benefits to the users.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is on hype; it is a top-notch feature where you will able to create interaction with the audience. It is available on the Desktop or Smartphone.  You can add more than one person in the Facebook live. It is a reliable option for those who are running a Facebook business page. It is a brand new feature where one can add comments and other features. After starting the business page, you should make the use of the Facebook live feature. However, with the help of FB Post Likes, one will able to buy genuine Facebook likes and comments in the cheaper worth.


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Messenger Day

Nothing is better than messenger day application. It has been launched in the month of March, but now it is quite better than Snapchat and Instagram. With the help of such a feature, you will able to access a lot of things such as Filters, stickers, voice commands, and other things. It comes with a story feature that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. You can check the active users instantly on the Messenger. If you want to share any event, then messenger day option would be better for you.

360 Facebook

It is another cool feature that is introduced recently on 8th March 2017.  It is latest technology features where you will able to share the 360-degree videos in the fraction of seconds. According to professionals, more than 25 million users are using Facebook 360 that is quite higher than others.  One can save their favorite videos and pictures in the messenger easily. If you are using the VR box then it Facebook 360 would be a reliable option for you.

Advertising or promotions

It is a second most popular feature on the Facebook that is providing enormous benefits to the business.  If you want to promote your business, then you should make the use of the promotion feature. You will able to promote your company in less than $1 only. Instead of advertising, your business with Flyers, you must use Facebook promotion.  One can promote Upto 25-second video on Facebook.

Order Favorite Food on Facebook

Are you familiar with the latest Features? Now, you will able to order your Favorite food in the fraction of seconds. You don”t have to open a separate tab for the Food. After ordering food, one will receive food within 20 to 30 minutes only. Bear in mind; it is available for US users only.  However, if you want to buy likes for the Facebook posts, then you must visit www.fbpostlikes.com and buy likes in cheaper worth.

Create new polls

If you have any confusion related to business, then you should create a poll. It is a high-end function where you will grab the opinions of your friends. If you want to take any serious decision, then it would be an ideal option for you. It is an unbelievable feature that is available for business users. Following steps will assist you in creating the pools-

  • After opening the Facebook application, you should visit on the status update section and select polls.
  • Now, you should enter the question that you want to ask from the audience.  One can create options according to choice.
  • Along with the polls, one will able to post the pictures and GIF in the poll section.
  • Make sure that you are creating the poll for almost a week or month.

Relationship status

It is a brand new feature that is beneficial for couples. With the help of such feature, one will able to upload recent relationship status such as engaged, Single or married. It isn”t available for the business page users.  Therefore, if you want to upload relationship status, then you should visit on the profile and update the current relationship status.

Payment Transfer

Last but not least, Facebook is a trusted application where one can access a lot of incredible features. Now, you will able to transfer money from the Facebook messenger.  One can transfer money in the fraction of seconds.

Ultimately, above-mentioned top-notch features are really beneficial for you. With the help of these features, you can promote their business in the cheaper worth. However, Today Facebook has become one of the most popular applications because it is providing regular updates.


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