iPad Apps For The Project Manager

A project manager’s main function is to ensure that the project quality, scope, budget and schedule are respected. This means that whatever was agreed upon during the first stages of project development is followed and everything is within the parameters set for the project. This can be a very arduous and difficult task, depending on how complicated the project is. One of the tools that a project manager can use is an iPad, which lets him keep track and record so many things for the projects he or she is handling.


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The camera app for the iPad gets great work here, since instead of taking notes, you can just decide to record a meeting’s audio and video. Just make sure you have enough battery life and that you’ve picked a great spot to record the meeting.

Aside from the native camera app, here are some more kinds of apps you might want to include. Most of them are free, with paid upgrades:

1. Evernote.

Being a project manager means you’re always in one meeting or another. You can take great notes with Evernote by being able to add all sorts of media to your notes. You can take a picture and add captions or diagrams. Sound or video recording can be included in your notes as well. Another great feature of this app is that it can sync your notes over all your devices that can run the app. You can open your files in your Mac or PC or on another handheld device like your iPhone or Android phone.

2. SlideShark

If you aren’t the one taking notes at a meeting, you’re the one presenting. You can use SlideShark to edit, create and present your slides as if you had a laptop with you. Make sure you have your iPad to VGA adaptor that lets you connect your device to the projector. Once you’ve done that, you can use your iPad to present your slides at a meeting.

3. Google

Google Calendar is still one of the best collaborative calendar and file-sharing mechanisms out there. You can upload documents to a group and include a project monitoring chart and schedule in a group as well. You can also tie all the functions to your email. You get an alternative browser to the native Safari browser on your iPad as well.

4. Wunderkit

This free project collaboration software lets you create lists, tasks and charts for your project and delegate them to others that run the same app. You can create different projects within the app and link them to all your team members. It synchronizes with your email and the reminder app on your iPad. You can include contact information like RingCentral business phone numbers, email and social media accounts for each member of the project to help facilitate communication.


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