How To Play The Popular Game Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game that just about everyone has played. If you have not, you should join the masses and give it a try. Minesweeper is a puzzle type game that requires you to figure out where the mines are by using numbers that you can uncover by clicking each block.


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The number tells you how many minds are touching that specific block. These blocks include the two below, two on each side and each of the four corners of the numbered block. In total, the number inside the block will tell you the amount of mines that are in the 8 blocks surrounding it.

You can use multiple numbers and the process of elimination to figure out where each mine is. Once you have identified where a mine is, you can right-click on that square to plant a flag on it. Planting a flag will prevent you from accidentally clicking on it and will mark off one of the many minds that will be hidden throughout the field.

There will be a set number of mines that are placed throughout the field. You will know how many mines there are in the field in the beginning of the game. As you place each flag, the mine counter will decrease. Once you reach zero mines, you will be able to click the remaining squares and finished the game. If you miss click a mine, you will eventually click a square that has a mine and it and lose the game.

Sometimes you may not be able to pinpoint where the mines are. In these cases, there are a few different strategies that you can use in order to locate where it is.

One strategy is to mark where the mine could be and continue marking the surrounding squares for that scenario. Next, go back and try the alternative way and mark down where the common squares are. By that we mean to flag any squares that have been flagged in both scenarios and reveal any squares that have been marked safe in both scenarios. Most of the time, the additional squares that you are able to mark will tell you what scenario is the correct one.

The other strategy when you get stuck is to play the odds. This strategy does not always work, but you should be able to figure out where the mine most likely is by comparing it against multiple numbers. The hope is that you can use the odds to increase your chances of finding the correct block and continuing on with your game. Not every game is beatable and this is the challenge when you play minesweeper.

Once you get good at the game, you can increase the difficulty. You can choose to play on a larger field with more mines. This increased difficulty is more challenging because there will be more situations where you can make an error. You can also go by time. Minesweeper tracks the amount of time you take to be game. You can try to beat your quickest time after each game that you play.


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