Fonts and Coding and…Exercise?

What does exercise have to do with fonts and code?  If you’re career has you sitting at a desk for hours on end, exercise might be the key to avoiding an early grave, that’s what!

Studies have been don’t and the results are in: if you spend four or more hours a day sitting, your chances of getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease skyrocket. The main reason is lack of circulation, because our bodies aren’t designed to spend so much time in a chair. The same holds true if you’re kicked back watching TV; four hours at a time will eventually kill you.


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That’s right; the magic number is four, about half of an average work day and less than the five hours of TV the average person watches in a day. If this sounds like your schedule you need to make some changes before you become part of an ugly statistic!

If you’re in good shape and already shaking your head in denial, keep reading. While going to the gym a few times a week or getting other regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy, you still need to counteract those specific four hours of deadly sitting time. You have to do that during the time frame you’re inactive to make it work, so make a few minor changes in the way you spend your day.

Get up and walk for two minutes of every hour you spend sitting, and you’ll burn enough calories to counteract the glucose in your system. That’s right; two minutes of every 60 and you’re in the clear! So walk to the water cooler, pace the room, or take a trip up and down the stairs. Even an under-the-desk pedal exerciser will do the trick. Even better, invest in a treadmill desk and work while you walk!

The same goes for TV time: get up and move for a few minutes each hour. Wash the dishes, walk the dog, do some yoga stretches; it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you get moving. Trust me, your heart and health will last longer if you do!

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