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Tricky Techno is a private blog run by Mohit Rajwani from India. This Blog was made on 28th May ' 2012. Our blog is based on tech niche. We mainly post about new technology updates , tricks , tech news and more like this.

All the articles our written by admin or they are guest posts by others on blog. All the articles on our blog are original and we are always trying to serve you best and we hope that we are doing that only. The articles on our blog are available for only personal use such as for reading, increasing knowledge or using it on your any of project or presentation. Copying of our article for posting it on other blogs/sites is strictly prohibited. If we find someone doing that then we will be filing a complain at DMCA for your blog/site.

About The Author :-

Mohit Rajwani --> A 18 year old student at lachoo memorial college with a huge business mind with the help of which he can get u any kind of deal. He is undergoing a course of web designing from NIIT jodhpur which shows his dedication towards computers. He is a certified ms office word 2007 and interested in all fields related to computer. Contact me  rajmohit94@yahoo.in or at Facebook.

If you have any doubt or want to see any trick or any specific article on our blog. Just submit a request at our request zone.