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Why Technology is the Future of the Engineering Industry

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Technology is the Future
Why Technology is the Future of the Engineering Industry
A major concern of any student even before entering a particular field is job outlook and growth. This is particularly important to students entering the science and math fields of study. These are extensive and complicated post secondary studies, so students want to be assured of job security once they finish with a degree in the electronics, computer software, network or electrical engineering fields. One area of potential growth for these types of engineers is in data communications or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Outlook for Engineers in Data Communications

A favorable outlook is forecast for those majoring in electronics, computer software, electrical and network engineering fields. Many companies in data communications and VoIP technology will expand dramatically over the next 10 years. As specified by Jim Webster, the head of software technologies for Digium Inc in Huntsville, "The outlook for the data communications industry in the near future is revolutionary. VoIP is the telecommunications technology that will soon replace traditional business PBX telephone systems." Because of this upcoming replacement there will be a tremendous need for engineers specializing in different areas of technology.

This new communications method will bring innovative features and create a "sea of changes" in the way voice communications are organized, delivered and used by businesses and consumers around the world.

VoIP and the Need to Improve User Experience

Over the next few years, data communications companies will want to provide consistent service over the different platforms and devices, whether this is from the iPhone, Smartphone, tablet, web, or the standard telephone. They will require software and engineering skills that will help businesses respect privacy laws, but at the same time, track phone data, messages and emails in a highly efficient way for corporate managers.

Engineering Professionals will Code and Classify VoIP Data More Efficiently

VoIP will also require engineering professionals who can help devise better classification methods for large corporate needs. These classifications will need to track customer/business interaction across a range of different media platforms, both so the client can make appropriate operational decisions, and so the communications server can adapt innovative communications solutions for these needs.

Development of Better Communications Tools

Engineers will be required to develop and deploy easier to use communications tools for clients in the medical field, emergency response, hotel industry, sales industry or any other business area requiring the response to hundreds of calls from agents who need immediate responses to their efforts. This will include collecting data, filing forms, confirming decisions and acceptance of key processes using different media formats including: video, email, text messaging, voice and even social media communication.

Future Work in Unified Communications

This is another area where engineering skills are required. Unified Communications is relatively slow and needs to adapt to an expected 3 - click experience. The idea is that through new VoIP, session initiated protocol (SIP) companies using VoIP can use, support and even build applications that work more conveniently, allowing workers to access many VoIP resources in three clicks or less, regardless of the device they are using.

Proactive Communications

VoIP features and programming needs are set to expand with future data communication needs. Engineers are required to expand on electronic, electric and programming features in the data communications field, so businesses can proactively communicate with customers, even before a live agent comes on the line. The process works by allowing the automated communications system to guide and solicit required information from customers even before speaking to an agent in person.

Bottom Line

Because VoIP is overtaking the traditional telephone communications system, there are many innovative areas in which a new engineer can work and grow. The data communications field is made up of a variety of specialized areas of engineering, and this offers many future opportunities for engineering majors.

Guest post contributed by Neil Slye for the Engineering Institute of Technology. Neil is an avid researcher and blogger. He enjoys reporting on how technology is changing the engineering.


Achieving Performance with the High Density Storage Server

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Most people, upon hearing of storage, think of hard disks. Yet, to this day the storage possibilities have been much diversified and complied with the needs of ever-expanding enterprises and the more and more complicated applications. The IT development has led to the mass production of high density storage servers, fit for corporate usage.

High density server
Achieving Performance with the High Density Storage Server 

The Network Attached Storage

Abbreviated as NAS this option points to servers that are used for enterprise storage’s need. Present requirements point to high density servers, offering multi-terrabyte storage. Besides, these are fully customizable, and so they are suitable to a very wide range of applications. Such servers can be configured for a multitude of purposes and can accommodate either Microsoft Windows or Linux as operating system. One such device contains an embedded processor, is optimized for particular tasks (network backup, file service) and understands network protocols. NAS is the best choice for organizations, being cost-effective and granting fast data access for multiple clients. File sharing is easy and local storage is considerably reduced. NAS storage solutions are also maintenance-free.

The Improvements

With the high density storage servers, users are free to mix SATA, SSD, and SAS drives. The power management has been much improved, reaching an energy consumption reduction that goes up to 85%. Also, the airflow has been significantly enhanced, which asks for less cooling work. There is less vibration and the drawers open for easy access to hardware. All in all, the performance has been optimized and there is more computing power being provided. Great amounts of raw storage are now allowed. To find the most appropriate, it is always recommended to compare the various servers. The high density storage server is bound to improve the total cost of operation for any data center, an advantage that is much sought-after.

Who Needs High Density Storage Servers?

Corporates are the first on the list to benefit of such storage solutions. Their computing requirements have grown the most, and this is valid all over the world. Besides, companies move into new markets and need to develop new capabilities and extend the existing ones. Innovative solutions and applications are constantly required. Therefore, high performance computing systems are vital. Corporate IT departments not only look for advanced solutions, but also for cost-effective ones. The big data explosion can no longer be handled with old methods. Any enterprise looking for more processing power, more memory capacity and storage has to consider these servers.

Ideal As Expandability

High density storage servers address the present needs of corporate IT departments and provide an ideal response to the growing pressure of more advanced operations and the cost-saving needs. Today's operational requirements are certainly being met. The workstation solutions support performance and offer reliability plus expandability, asked by the demanding processes and applications. These applications can be diverse: extreme gaming, graphics-intensive apps, engineering or scientific design, and so on. There is no problem to be encountered when a server needs to be made to work for specific applications, because custom configurations are always possible.

Author’s bio

Alexandria Gaskarth is a regular writer and she writes freely on any topic. She has done a thorough research on High Density Storage Server while writing this post.


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Top 3 Apps to save your Android mobile from Trojans and viruses

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If you believe that your smartphone is completely safe from viruses because those things are only made for computers then you are wrong. As much as your personal computer is at risk to get affected by some virus or malware is, your smartphone is no different at all. Without going into the debate about how a virus or malware can enter your smartphone, let us discuss the cure first. Just like your computer, there are many mobile security and antivirus programs as well. If you have an Android smartphone then you need to take a look at the following top 3 apps that can help you keep your phone free from any kind of malware or Trojan virus.

Security android apps
Top 3 Apps to save your Android mobile from Trojans and viruses

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Avast! Mobile Security

At number one spot we have got you Avast mobile security application. Avast is the same company that designs state of the art antivirus programs for computer users and now they have launched a very good antivirus program for Android smartphones as well. There are so many tools offered by Avast like it will keep your smartphone free form viruses, every time you install any application in your smartphone, it will scan it to make sure that this application doesn’t cause any trouble for your smartphone. Even if you are surfing internet on your Android smartphone, it can scan URL to determine if any virus can be planted through it in your smartphone or not.
In simple words, if you have installed Avast Mobile Security apps in your Android smartphone then you don’t need to worry at all.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

For the first time when I learned about the mobile security app by Lookout security and antivirus, I was quite skeptical because I was not sure how good it could be. However, once I installed the security app in my android smartphone, I realized that they have really done a great job. I really liked the user interface and as I had no virus or malware in my smartphone, I couldn't test its ability to rule out threats. However, I was over all really impressed with its performance. Same like computers, your Android smartphone can start performing slow and become sluggish if you install some heavy antivirus program in it but in the case of lookout Security & Antivirus, nothing like this happened at all.
There are two version of this app. One is for free but it doesn't guarantee 100% security however if you can pay $3/ month then you can get your smartphone completely secure against malware and Trojan viruses.

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Norton Antivirus & Security

It is quite obvious that I don’t need to provide you all with an introduction of Norton Antivirus as we know about it already. I had my hands on this antivirus too and I was quite impressed by looking at its performance. On computer, I’m not a big fan of Norton Antivirus because it often slows down your machine but on Android smartphone it worked like a charm.

Author bio : Saif is SEO and web designer at Web Design Company in Austin. Get a quote about web design now.

The post Top 3 Apps to save your Android mobile from Trojans and viruses was originally publish at TrickyTechno.

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DameWare's Remote Desktop Support : Efficient and Powerful

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Remote desktop support gives you an unexpected and powerful method of dealing with a variety of system issues. You can take remote control of distant computers and implement critical solutions in a fraction of the time you used to require. As an administrator, you can take more control over critical situations and rely less on support from others.

Capabilities with Remote Desktop Support

• Use Windows Performance Monitor to Troubleshoot System Problems

DameWare's remote support console lets you access data pertaining to the performance of the entire system quickly. This permits you to find issues before they make themselves apparent with disastrous problems.

• Control and Reformat

Though you are operating computers from a remote distance, you can use this software to manage these machines as if you were present. This includes the ability to add and delete shares and copy or delete files. Additionally, you have the power to reformat disk drives by just pressing a few keys.

• DameWare Client Agent

This remote software provides remote support that outperforms the typical browser-based solution. You can configure your settings ahead of time and then mass-deploy them to a wide range of machines. Once this has occurred, you are capable of connecting to remote users and troubleshooting problems at their locations.

• Wake-On-LAN

This software is a great asset to use in coordination with energy-saving policies. It allows you to waken sleeping computers remotely. With sleep mode eliminated as a barrier to implementation of solutions, you can accomplish administrative goals for the entire system, even if it is spread around the globe.

• Manage Processes for Windows Services

All of your Windows services are open to your use with this software package. With a remote command-line console, you and other administrators can run scripts on these remote computers. In fact, with the System Tool software, you can also remotely run custom scripts from your console. Specify the command-line arguments and indicate in which directory it should run. It is as easy as opening the Remote Support Menu Bar.

The range of capabilities with this software encompasses a great deal. You can remotely reboot computers, start and stop Windows processes, and copy or delete files easily. In addition, you can view and clear the event logs for Windows. The most far-reaching of this software's abilities includes the capacity to reformat disk drives remotely. The DameWare support software for remote solutions has achieved control that was once unthinkable in computer systems.


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How To Set Up A Wireless Network In Windows 8


Are you are working on windows 8 and you have got stucked in making a wireless network to share internet or any document you want? In this post I am going to tell you how to setup a wireless network in windows 8 in your system. If you want the freedom to work anywhere in your house, you need a wireless network. Wireless internet has become the standard and over the past two decades has proved to be indispensable in the world of wireless internet sharing. What a wireless network does is provide data and internet sharing within the range of the router. In windows previous versions like vista, Window 7 it was pretty much easier to set up a wireless network by simple hitting some icons and giving some essential detail but in the latest version i.e. window 8 the task is comparatively tough. So you need a step by step tutorial to make a wireless network. There are few things you need to know to set up the wireless network so that you share stuffs with other computers. You need to have following two conditions satisfied to do this task-

1--> First, you must have a wireless network adapter. Almost every computer nowadays have this component.

2--> Second you need a wireless router. Yes, this thing connects to your broadband modem.

Once you have the above two conditions satisfied, you are ready to set up a wireless network in your windows 8 operating system. Here are sequences of steps you need to follow in order to set up a wireless network.

1--> Connect your network cable from the port to the internet port in your laptop/PC. This internet port looks something like this-
Internet Port

It is generally on the back of many laptops but may be on the left or right side of your laptop.

2--> Once the network cable is connected to your system, switch to the start screen and hit File Explorer.
->Click Network, now you would see a window like below-

Network Widow
Network Window

3--> Now, double click the router icon.

4--> Enter username and password.

5--> Click OK

6--> In the next step you have to tell the window about various things like "the type of internet 
connection", "the network name","The wireless security options" and the admin password and that’s it. You are done. You just created a wireless network for windows 8. Cheers!!!


1--> Hit Windows + I to open setting window.

2--> Click the wireless network icon.

3--> Click the wireless network. Click the network you've created earlier.

Wireless network

4--> Click connect.

Network Connect

5--> Enter the password you have set when you created the network.

Set password for network

6--> Click "turn on file sharing and" and connect to devices.

wireless network
File Sharing

And hurrah!!! You just created a wireless network in windows 8. So that was a quick guide to help you all to set up the wireless network.

Still have problems ?? Ask us…drop Your comments below….

About The Author-

Author bio: Eric Blair writes about computer networking and fiber optic technologies used when making Cisco GLC-T transceivers.

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Sharing Wi-Fi connections with Connectify


Connectify develops a leading-edge PC and mobile app series that are feasible for consumers to keep connected to heterogeneous devices and network connections. It makes sharing Wi-Fi connections from laptop a less geeky task for less savvy tech people. With the advanced capability to share Wi-Fi connection, Connectify capacitates the users to achieve the speed of multiple internet connections in an exceptional manner by offering a stage to share and co-function. You can be online to a single internet connection with a Wi-Fi capable Windows 7 computer and share that connection seamlessly and firmly with Wi-Fi enabled devices, independent of their platform. Connectify has been amazingly productive in many ways, including funding from IQT and a staggering amount of usage on its WiFi Hotspot app.

 Connectify for Windows is a manageable software router for laptops and smart phones. Using Connectify users can share Wi-Fi connection using a cable modem, a cellular card, or even other Wi-Fi network. Different additional Wi-Fi enabled devices can see and join your Connectify hotspot similar to any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption.

Connectify can readily act as a repeater for your home router, expanding its range and rendering Internet access wherever you need it. Being user-friendly and free to download, it saves money on multiple Wi-Fi connections and is a right choice to share Wi-Fi connection. In the current age, there are a wide variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and gaming systems but having Connectify running on a laptop turns your laptop into a personal wireless hotspot, not only that, you can run a Connectify hotspot without an active Internet connection. Thus by Connectify you can possibly have wireless access to shared folders or drives on your network as well as the ability to play LAN games with others.

Connectify is available in two versions: free and paid, you can share Wi-Fi from 3G/4G Networks with Connectify Hotspot PRO also when set to “Automatic”, Connectify Hotspot PRO intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share and makes required configuration changes to your hotspot. Connectify free version called Connectify Hotspot Lite requires your hotspot name to start with “Connectify-”. Also it is possible to share Wi-Fi connection with a wide variety of other USB cards and dongles. You can also effortlessly share files of any size directly to both devices connected to your hotspot, and to other Connectify Hotspot users on the same network.

Connectify also provide to share the Wi-Fi connection with the help of Connectify Peers feature. Any number of PCs running Connectify on the local network, whether connected or not to your hotspot, can be seen in this list. You can also browse their services and transfer files. Connectify will provide you with a link to a local web page, if the other device isn’t running Connectify. The other user can connect to the web page, which is running on your laptop, and download the file also the web page provides a link to download Connectify, so you can send files effortlessly in the future. This mechanism is also applicable to computers not connected to Wi-Fi at all. If you’re running Connectify on your desktop computer, then you can drag and drop files back and forth from the Connectify Peers list in the Clients pane. The pro version adds some more functionality, but we are more interested in discussing features of free version only. If you’re looking to control your laptop fan speed then try SpeedFan. The new Windows 8 users are also awaiting to enable such function on their newly installed OS. We will come to know about the future support at a later stage when Windows 8 is outed in its full glory. The latest trending software for Windows 8 is Multimedia 8, an alternative of Windows media player, which embraces Windows 8 Modern UI. 

Android Pen Drive PC

Miracles happens everywhere and every next second we find more and more new things coming up. In the computer field also we are witnessing so many revolutions . Older Generations had to use large computers, but this generation saw transformation of PC to Notebook and then to Tablets. UG802 , you must have heard about this. It is a PC with fun. Reno Botes UG 802 is like an ordinary USB pen drive but it has 1.6 GHz dual core processor with 400 MB Graphics support.It can be used as an Android powered Computer which has the latest Android , Ice Cream Sandwich. [Havent you heard of jelly bean ?? ] The first advantage is that compared to other computers ug802 has only the size of a pen drive. We can carry it around anywhere. In order to use it we need a monitor with HDMI port and USB mouse and Keyboard. We can connect our ordinary keyboard and mouse because UG802 has two USB ports. Other than USB port it has one HDMI port to connect it with a Monitor.

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iPhone Application Development - Gives the cost leadership to the outsourcing business


There is tough time for the global economy. In every sector of economy is today face shrinking profit and growth. Every Company is trying  optimize their operations in order to reduce the overall cost of the business and proper use of resource. In time of company driven economy , the companies are set the product price. The pricing procedure is to first set the profit level and add the cost to it. But in present time economic situation, company's profit is shirking . The economy are more market driven. The company are set the price on the basis of Target Cost  Where the price is first set on the basis of feedback of customer, than company selected price level are deducted from the price and cost is deduce. As cost is set by market force the company’s have to use their resource optimally in order maintain their profit level.


Boost your Android phone’s life – Tips to enhance the longevity of your phone

Do you own an Android smartphone? If answered yes, you must be acknowledging the fact that everything is good about it except its battery performance. Well, you might be relieved to know that not only you, every Android mobile phone user face this battery problem in their Android smartphones. There are even many Android phone users who feel that a nightly recharge is sufficient for their phone to work perfectly throughout the next day but unfortunately this is also not enough sometimes. 


Top 4 Apps that can help you stay updated daily

We all love to always get updated with the latest news , technology , Software's and list goes on in which field we are having interest. As i am a technology lover so i always like to get updated with all the latest updates which are going in ethnology field so that i can serve you my best.These app will tell you what is new in technology , fashion , world and many more.

I tested many apps from Android Market but i found there were few apps only which were easy to use,good in graphics and full of knowledge which we want. Following are the apps which are best for updating you daily with new information technology.

1--> Google Currents


Size-- 5.2 MB
Price-- Free
Current Version--1.5.1
Last Updated--28th July , 2012
Rating-- 4 Out of 5
Minimum Requirement-- 2.2 version of Android

This application is Develop by Google Itself so there were chances that this app being be rejected by someone. So I started with this app and i was quite satisfied with it also.It is very easy to use and fast also. It includes many categories to choose from and it displays the latest from the top blogs according to the category which we have chosen.

Home Screen

How it works--Whenever we are connected to the Internet connection it syncs all the latest updates of the categories which you have chose and it save for you so that you can read them when there is no internet connection.

There is a lot of variety to choose from :-
  • News
  • Business
  • Design
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Science & Tech
  • Sports
  • Curators
  • Others
  • Google Readers

Video :-

2--> NVison


Size-- 33 MB
Price-- Free
Current Version--2.0.1
Last Updated--15th October, 2012
Rating-- 4.5 Out of 5
Minimum Requirement-- 2.2 version of Android

The application is developed by Dialect and it is has awesome Graphics which makes this application more interesting to read.This application also includes various categories to chose from but it does not sync the content for us so that we can read it in offline mode which Google Currents was doing, Then also this app is pretty nice mainly because of its graphics which makes it different from all others. 

Home Screen

How it Works--It works only when you are connected to the internet connection and it will show you all the latest updates from the categories of your choice.

Note--> Good Internet Connection use for effective use of it.

What it covers:-

  • Games
  • Apps
  • Movies
  • Gadgets
  • Tech


3--Appy Geek


MobilesRepublic is the developer of this application. This application is perfect for Phones and tablets both.
It brings all the latest tech updates to you from the pro-bloggers blog such as TechCrunch , Gizmodo, T3 Magazine.This app also don't sync we are require to connected with a good internet connection.This also shows some videos with it which is not in other applications which makes it different from other and makes him stand out Alone in the market.

Home Screen

Topics It will be covering :-
  • Top Stories
  • All News
  • Videos
  • Moods
  • Apple Inc.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Google Play
  • HTC
  • Internet
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone
  • iTunes
  • Mobil Broadband
  • Nexus
  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation 3
  • Samsung
  • Video Game
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360

4--> New 360


This is developed by News360 LLC and it is the latest in the market from all of mentioned above and so it has overcome all the drawbacks which the above app were having but according top me there were no such drawbacks.

Their is one new feature in it which is different from all other apps i.e. it gives a Start to us when we read a article and as we read News360 is learning what sort of stories you prefer,and tailoring newsteed to be more relevant for you isn't great..!!!

Home Screen

How It Works--> Like Nvision and Appy Geek it also works active internet conncetion for getting updated to all the latest around us.

Topic Covered :-

Top Stories
Local News
Good News
Video Games
Graphic Designs
Fashion & Beauty

I know it is a little bit long list..!!!

Final Verdict :-

I am sure you will be going to download these application on your Phones/Tablets and i am sure that you will love this.If you ask me which application i like the most ? .My answer will be that i love all these apps but then also Google Currents and  NEWS360 are my favorite, what makes them different is Offline reading mode feature by Google Currents and a huge list of categories which help me to gind my favorite niche and get updated which is given by News360.

This not means that other 2 applications are not so good they are also quite nice and having their own features. We all know that their is a lot of tough competitions between these applications and developers of these applications are doing best and they will be adding more new and more features in this.

I am sire by using this apps you will be getting new business technology updates , new medical technology updates and last but not the least new information technology.


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7 Essential Nexus 7 Accessories

The Nexus 7 tablet computer from Google is taking the tablet industry by storm, and its $200 price tag has everyone standing up and paying attention.

For a while, the inexpensive tablets were actually terrible and were dragging down the future prospects for tablets. That was until Amazon released its Kindle Fire at the $200 price-point. Then it was game-on, and a lot of great tablets hit the marketplace in that price range.


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Top 5 Online Tools to Create GIF Images

Graphics Interchange Fromat or GIF for short are one of the oldest image formats. Since these images are good in attracting one's attraction, therefore these images can be seen commonly on the websites. There are many tools by which you can create your own GIF images. But due to the shortage of time in this fast running world, everybody hates the task of downloading software and then using it.

If you are also among such people, then here is a good news for you as there are many online tools to ease this task for you. Let's have a look at the best out of them.



LooGix is one of the best online tools to create your GIF files. This tool brings the simplicity at its best making it suitable for the non-techies. You can create GIF images from your normal .Jpeg images. Using this tool is simple. Just 'Browse' for images from your computer or take it from any URL. Upload it and thus you will be able to create GIF image from that with single click. You can also some cool effects like blur, radial blur, negative and lots more to bring the life in your images.



Gickr comes with the direct image integration from popular image related website Flickr. You can either upload the images from there or can also upload from your computer. You can even create GIF images from separate images.



As the name suggests, this tool also comes in the huge list of online tools for GIF image creation but with some cool features, it shines in the queue and is thus availing its place in this Top Online GIF making sites' list. The best part is that you can upload up to 12 images at single time. So you can use all of your favorite images for GIF image creation.



If you want to create GIF image without getting puzzled in the list of parameters, then this one is for you. Simply upload your image or grab it from the URL. Set the 'Loop' and click on 'Generate' button to create GIF image from the uploaded image. Simple as 1, 2, 3. Moreover, you can add some effects as well to make your image more attractive.



Now this is something unique. While most of the sites only let you to create GIF images from some other image formats, this one help you in creating GIF images of text as well. Simply write the text and set the loop. You can also insert other effects like different color, size of text etc. Simply click on the Generate button to get your GIF image created. You can then download that image on your computer for later use.

There are plenty of more tools to create GIF images but these few are the best. I hope you found them useful. All these online tools are free to use. So give them a try now and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

This is Guest Post By Gautam  Who Works For IndiResult.

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Windows 8 Pros and Cons with Slide Show

Windows 8 ..!!! The all new Operating System launched my Microsoft On 26th October'2012 after the massive testing of it by releasing the release previews of it :-

Developer Preview --> September 13, 2011
Consumer Preview --> February 29, 2012
Release Preview --> May 31, 2012

After the official Windows 8 release it has been purchased by over 4 Million People
from all around the world and it is a very big achievement too.



Yes windows 8 is much safer than all the earlier versions of Microsoft

windows.As this all new Windows 8 has a new feature i.e. Family Safety, we
already have discussed about this feature in our Feature topic in detail. This
feature is very helpful to keep an eye on your children’s pc without knowing

Low hardware specifications (even for tablets)

 Windows 8 is designed in such a way that it is compatible with low hardware
requirements also it doesn't mean that you can use it on core due or etc. This is
designed for mainly touch screens but due to his compatibility we can use it on
non-touch screens also, which makes his more compatible with many devices.

Has a Fresh Look

 As we all know new is always good and this all new windows 8 has a new Fresh
look which is not seen ever. All the old interfaces which Microsoft was using
earlier in his Operating System have been replaced by many new looks. As the
old style start button is get replaced by all new Metro UI style, Old command
bar with Ribbon and many more.

Optimized for touch screens

 This is the advantage which I look the most this windows 8 give us an
advantage of using your loving operating system in you Personnel Computer
(PC) , Laptops , Tablets and Mobiles. Till now no operating system was able to
do it and that’s why this make him different from all the OS.

Windows Store application

 Now a days everybody likes to play with some applications and this was the only
field in which Microsoft was lacking behind and now they have overcome this
dis-advantage in their all new windows 8 by bringing Windows store which is
filled with about 1,00,000 Applications and growing more and more day by
day. Microsoft has bring his windows store because of success of Google Play
Store and Apple Store.

Internet Explorer 10

 Microsoft have launched Internet Explorer 10 for their new Operating system
Windows 8. Till now this is only available for Windows 8 and no other OS are
compatible with it till now. In this new browser Microsoft had made many
changes like now this will be supporting HTML 5, CSS and flashes. Microsoft has
made other changes also to make it powerful so then it can give a tough
competition to other browsers present in market.

 Start-Up Duration

 All the people have been impressed by this Mile-stone achieved by Microsoft.
This will be helping Windows 8 to get more success has nobody likes to wait for
get their PC start and by keeping this in Mind they have worked on this and
make it Possible by keeping their start-up time up to 20 seconds which are very

Shut-Down Duration

 If nobody likes to wait to get his PC Boot up as same nobody also likes to wait
to get their PC shut-Down and Microsoft has completed this task also very
efficiently by keeping the shutdown time up to 10 seconds.


A whole new interface to discover

 We all know about the new interface of windows 8, which is completely
different from his old family. As all are familiar with the old versions of
windows and now this is making a problem for the people to understand it as it
is completely different from others OS.

Start menu

The old traditional Start Button of windows has been removed from their new
Windows 8 has the old start button has been replaced by new start Metro UI.

All Software's are not compatible with it

As we all know windows 8 is new and which is making a little difficult for him
to get compatible with all the software’s but I am sure Microsoft will be working
on it and this drawback will be overcome with the new updates of it.

This is Poll before the release of Window 8 Pro...


And from above result it was quite clear that Windows 8 will be going to rock and it

Windows 8 is full of new features and I am sure that you will love it to.

I have made a PPT for you on windows 8.It includes all information about it and i am sure 
that you will surely going to love it.

Their is the preview of PPT made by me I will suggest you to download It and watch in 
your PC ( Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 recommended for the best experience of graphics).

PPT Features -->

1-->First slide is the Same as Start Screen of Windows 8, with that if you click
on any of the menu you will be redirected to that slide isn't it amazing...

2-->On every slide on the right hand side their is the start menu of windows 8
and if you click on it then you will be re-directed to the first slide i.e Metro UI

It is one of the finest Operating System by Microsoft and we all know that their are
many people who are still loving Windows 7 but still i recommend to you that Download it
and Install it i am sure that you will love it and will forget your Windows 7.

Do you know you can get your all new Windows 8 for just 699 INR if you are
having Genuine Window 7 with you.

We hope that you have enjoyed the PPT and will be trying Windows 8 for sure...