Monday, 29 October 2012

These Launchers Will Make Your Android Device Wow

Hello,Friends today i am back after many days sorry for that i was bust with my college work but i am sure that you will surely love this articles has in this post i will be sharing the Launchers for android and Launchers for Tablets. These are the Top themes for the android ,you can also say Launchers all are tested by me on my android device.

Launchers / Themes For Android Phones

I will be sharing Top 3 themes which i like the most...

Here we go...!!!!

1---> GO Launcher HD for Pad

Size-3.3 Mb
Current Version-1.18.1
Last Updated-23rd October'2012
Ratings- 4 Out of 5 (Rated By 4022 People )
Requirement Minimum of Android 2.2

I have used it for more than one week on my Tablet and my Galaxy S. I found it very good as this theme is fast and responsive too.It is best for the use in Tablets as compare to the Phones.
It gives us Attractive Interface , practical utilities for helping us and last but not the least fully personalized operating experience


Review Graph

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A Overview To its look 

Home Screen

Main Menu

Apex Launcher

Size-2.7 MB
Current Version-1.3.3
Last Updated-25th October'2012
Rating-4.5 Out of 5
Requirement Minimum of Android 4.0.3

This is also Tested by me on the same devices and this was also pretty good.It is Powerful, fast and Highly customizable.

Key Feature :
  • You can add up-to 9 grid style home screens.
  • Choose Different style of your folders.
  • Transition effects are nice.
  • Optimized for both Phones and tablets.

Review -->

Review Graph

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A Overview To its Look

Home Screen

Main Menu

Nova Launcher (Author Choice)

Size-2.1 Mb
Current Version-1.3.2
Last Updates-17th October'2012
Rating-4.5 Out of 5
Requirement Minimum of Android 4.0

This Launcher is one of my favorite.This one is also fast,customizable and full of new features.

Key Features:
  • Change Color Theme.
  • Scroll Effects.
  • Activities Shortcut.
  • Folder Icons.

Review Graph

A Overview To its Look

Home Screen

Main Menu

These 3 were My picks which on you like share it with us by commenting below...!!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012



Are you interested in getting connected world-wide? Get to know about the international conference call that lets you know so many things as you talk through the international conferencing technique. It has a direct access number allotted for each country, a particular code that is charged accordingly in rate per minute/per line. There are also toll free access for the people’s convenience and letting them to get connected in the diverse universe. It has only a simple procedure for a participant to make an international conference call. The leader or initiator of the conference call and all the participants dial to the toll free code. Then they enter their respective pass code when it is prompted. Each country has its own toll free code assigned to it. The dial out feature helps in bringing the participants who are not in the toll free country code list to the international conference. Once, all the attendees enter their pass codes, they get connected in the call and start waiting for the conference to commence. Until the leader of the conference call comes in and starts the conversation, the others would hear a music running. It is necessary to notify the participants of the date and time they begin the conference call. The international conference call can be possibly done irrespective of any place and time. There are so many facilities and advantages of setting up these conference calls. The users can set up meetings upon any urgent occasions without any advance reservations. The participants can also record the audio conference over the phone for later useful purposes. There is absolutely no limit in bringing as many participants to the conference call. There is also an option to mute the participants while in the meeting. If you find any difficulty in technical support or operator assistance, there is no need to worry. The attendees can avail the technical operators through a toll free dial up code and receive their assistance and get their problem solved within few minutes. It depends on the company or organizer to conduct the international conference call along with many other interesting services to make the conference call more effective. It includes instant messaging, chatting, web cam support, streaming video that may all be facilitated by the company of there is a need. The companies will charge you for these services as per your request or for a flat fee. Every user must analyze certain things in prior to make a conference call such as how often you host a call and where or which country you speak the more and how much time you require in hosting the meeting. Because all these necessary details would be required in determining the cost it takes to make the call and one can analyze every other factor sharply. Users would be charges according to their usages and also depending upon the location of their country. There are several online companies provides you the opportunity of making international calls through various links and websites.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Programming With C #3 Checking Entered Number Is Perfect Square Or Not

Hello, Friends this is our 3rd program of C language.

Our previous Programs our:

I am sure that you have find them helpful for you.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Programming With C #2 Simple Interest

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Hello, Friends this is our 2nd program for you.

How to Calculate Simple Interest in c

We all know how to calculate Simple Interest In our real life , but then also we will be moving step by step.

Simple Interest Formula

SI= Principal * Rate * Time / 100

In the above formula

SI --> Simple Interest

Principal --> Amount ( We all know)

Rate--> Interest Rate

Time--> Time (IN Years)

We, Will be using the above formula in our Program.


More Programs are coming for you my friends..And if you want any program urgent. Let us know by commenting below....


Programming With C #1 Calculator


Hello Friends , on the high demand of my friends we are now starting a new category on our site i.e C Programming in which we will be adding various programs, which will surely help you to solve out your problem , and if you don't find any solution to of your problem let us know by commenting below.

So Let's Start , Without wasting any more time

So , it is our first program of C Language. In this we will be making a program in which we will be accepting  2 numbers from the user and will be Displaying the Addition , Multiplication , Subtraction and Division of that two numbers. Below is the coding of that :-

Output :


Thursday, 4 October 2012

15 Funny Facebook Timeline Covers


Facebook launched timeline profile some time back and it has got mixed response from the users. Some of them love it and some don't. But there is one feature in timeline profile which everyone is just loving. This is the cover photo. Timeline Cover is actually a large photo, which you can add. It is the first thing your friends will see when they visit your Facebook profile.
You might like to have a cover photo, which represents your true personality and your attitude towards life. But sometimes, you just want to be funny and give a little laugh to the visitors of your profile. That's why I have decided to share this list of funny Fb timeline covers. These covers will surely put a smile on the face of your friends when they visit your profile. If you feel you have a funnier cover photo, share with us in the comments.

1.         Stand Back

2.         Logout, The Hardest Button

3.         Facebook Is Like Jail

4.         Hahaha Explained

5.  Cover Not Found

6.  Evolution

7. Sparta

8. Say People

9. iDont Care

10. Ninja

11. Beer Equation

12. Timeline Sucks

13. Caution

14. Money, Power, Woman

15. Single, Ready To Mingle

These were some fb covers which i like the most if you have any share it with us please..!!
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This post is contributed by Gagan from, where you can find more funny Facebook timeline covers.