Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Important Precautions to save a wet phone after it gets drowned


Before the start of this valuable post, I would like to ask a few questions to my readers: Have you ever dropped your cell phone in water tub or mug by mistake? Or has your phone ever taken the washing machine bath? Have you lost your phone due to your mistake by dropping it in machine, toilet, sink or any other water container?

If yes, then you shall read this post very carefully as we have shared the precautions to save phone after it is dropped in water. If no, then also, you are recommended to read this post, as the accidents can happen any time.

Important Precautions to save a wet phone after it gets drowned


Monday, 24 September 2012

Create your Own e-book with Wikipedia


What is an E-book ?

E-Book ( Electronic Book) it is a book in the form of digital form, containing text,images,graphs. It is in the digital format mainly in the PDF format. We can use e-book readers such as our computers , laptops , tab , e-book readers and many more devices like it.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Make you Smartphone camera to a DSLR camera


Now a days, majority of people have smartphones with them. And it is true that we love them also and they have all featured that we want but there is a drawback of smartphones that their cameras are not so good and we all love to capture pics and store them as our memory. It is not possible for us to buy a smartphone and a DSLR or any other good camera for capturing our memories. All of us think that it would be great if we can use our smartphone as our DSLR camera. So today I will be sharing some apps which will surely change your ordinary camera to a High range camera.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What is unique about iPhone 5?

The much awaited “special event” from Apple that everyone looked forward to with baited breath, was held on the 11th of September, 2012. This event was marked for Apple's announcement on the special launch of the iPhone 5 and also other products like the iPad mini and the new iPod. The iPhone 5 was much anticipated as the world had been waiting for news on its the pending launch. The iPhone 5 is a mobile that’s expected to set new parameters to the entire domain of cellular phones.


Toll Free Conference Call services: Provides easy global connection in corporate


Conducting meetings, conferences and corporate meetings have become very convenient in this e-world. Internet and advancement in technology has made it the easiest to connect to anyone present globally. Physical presence is not emphasized to a huge extent, as communication has been enhanced and enabled on a flexible note with the help of advanced technology. People no longer would have to spend hours in the office, organizing important conferences to fit into a ‘specific date”. Neither do they have to wait endlessly for ‘the’ calls to reach their desk. All they need to do is arrange a call conferencing and get connected with anyone desired.


Free Conference Calls: Providers and Scope for Business


Communication is perhaps a very vital part of the human system as of today. Without means of communication there would be no such means of economy and commerce driving forward at a global level heeding any geographical limitation that Mother Earth otherwise imposes. Yet the cost factor of communication measures tends to send people worrying. Longer the distance, more the cost was the usual issue before the advent of the internet. Today, conference calls have become a very vital and fruitful addition to the armory of people looking at using the system for purposes of business and commerce. Hence, the more recent advent of free conference calling has been jumped upon by either avenue of business or commerce with free conference calls and providers bringing themselves to the forefront of the communications market.

Conference calling usually asks for some static pulse charges which may go into huge amounts with the increase in parallel lines and their numbers. However, Conference Calls services offered by some elements across the internet usually allow people to use the service for free. One can find avenues of free conference calling by committing themselves to what is a simple search. The most important thing here is that most people need to check out the services which vary from provider to provider in terms of benefits. Another factor that becomes a most important decision is that people also need to check on whether the service has any hidden charges associated before signing up with the same. Some free conference calls providers don’t bother to mention any costs till the later stages of registration which can confer a lot of frustration amongst people looking to take advantage of the opportunity at hand.

Despite most difficulties, free conference calling, is without a doubt a most important value added service which most people should try to take advantage of. With time the service will only become better and more convenience oriented than it perhaps is now. To know more about conference calling, free conference services and free conference calls and at the same time avail some amazing offers on the same, one could Visit this website .

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cable Management in Your Firm for Business Safety

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During this era that we are living in, it is very rare for a business to claim that it does not use data cables in its system. As such these cables should be under an effective cable management to ensure that the staff members of an organization are safe. To be able to do this flexible conduit applications can come to place.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Value of Cloud Computing Services for the Life Sciences Industry


For research-intensive industries such as pharmaceutical firms and biotech companies, having an easier means to facilitate research and collaboration can help them innovate new products. Leveraging suitable IT infrastructures, platforms, and applications offered by cloud computing services can enable companies in the life sciences industry to improve their R&D processes.

Cloud services can provide life sciences organizations with cloud servers that can enable them to cut costs, which usually amounts to billions spent on annual research. These servers have scalable storage space to accommodate any volume of information. Through these servers, companies will only be required to pay for the space they leverage and avoid purchasing and maintaining in-house hardware and data storage software.

Cloud applications can also help these companies increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to deliver products and services. Life sciences organizations usually take years to develop and deliver new drugs to the market. Some of the cloud services they can use include Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online. These hosted services work just as effectively as solutions deployed on-premise but allow companies to reduce operational costs as well.

Through these services, companies can enhance collaboration with business partners, vendors, and clients, as well as enable them to access their data outside the office. Reputable IT providers can also assure them that the cloud environment is SAS 70 Type II compliant to ensure that data are digitally and physical secured.

By delegating transactional processes to cloud computing services, life sciences organizations will be able to focus their attention and resources on important activities to enable them to innovate products more efficiently

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

All New Tablet S from Sony Xperia


As we all know that all of us are now moving towards smartphones from ordinary mobiles. And all the big companies are launching their smartphones and tabs. After seeing the success of Apple and Samsung, Sony Xperia has launched his Tables named “Tablet S” currently it is available in Uk only for shipping at £329 only. Sony’s this new tablet was announced last week at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The second generation tablet from Sony will be bearing the Xperia branding with it. It’s some specifications include NVIDIA TEGRA 3 CPU, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will be having Sony Multimedia goodies. It will be having unconventional “Folded Magazine” design which was introduced by Sony last year in his tablet.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Add and Manage Accounts in Windows 8


As it is with a number of issues with the Windows operating system, things have changed in Windows 8, and you’ll find it necessary to find ways to go around with the new OS.

How exactly do you tackle user accounts in Windows 8? One may insert a new user from the Metro screen by swiping a part of the display to open up the Charms bar and then select Settings. By standard, Windows 8 merely demonstrates a couple of the options and that means you have to click or tap on the link at the bottom “Change PC settings”.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How do you convert a pdf to a word document or other formats???

Hello friends we are back with a useful and easy trick. Many times we want  to change the extension of one file to another for eg. Pdf to doc or converting pdf to excel or any other format. Now you will be thinking their are so many software's available for that but we have to search and download them also, so it becomes a time consuming process. Have you ever think to send a mail of your file and get a reply in which your file is converted into desire format. sounds very cool and easy as it  is a very simple and very effective way to convert our files from any format to another one in very less time. Now i will let you know most easiest method of converting files...-: