Thursday, 8 November 2012

Top 4 Apps that can help you stay updated daily

We all love to always get updated with the latest news , technology , Software's and list goes on in which field we are having interest. As i am a technology lover so i always like to get updated with all the latest updates which are going in ethnology field so that i can serve you my best.These app will tell you what is new in technology , fashion , world and many more.

I tested many apps from Android Market but i found there were few apps only which were easy to use,good in graphics and full of knowledge which we want. Following are the apps which are best for updating you daily with new information technology.

1--> Google Currents


Size-- 5.2 MB
Price-- Free
Current Version--1.5.1
Last Updated--28th July , 2012
Rating-- 4 Out of 5
Minimum Requirement-- 2.2 version of Android

This application is Develop by Google Itself so there were chances that this app being be rejected by someone. So I started with this app and i was quite satisfied with it also.It is very easy to use and fast also. It includes many categories to choose from and it displays the latest from the top blogs according to the category which we have chosen.

Home Screen

How it works--Whenever we are connected to the Internet connection it syncs all the latest updates of the categories which you have chose and it save for you so that you can read them when there is no internet connection.

There is a lot of variety to choose from :-
  • News
  • Business
  • Design
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Science & Tech
  • Sports
  • Curators
  • Others
  • Google Readers

Video :-

2--> NVison


Size-- 33 MB
Price-- Free
Current Version--2.0.1
Last Updated--15th October, 2012
Rating-- 4.5 Out of 5
Minimum Requirement-- 2.2 version of Android

The application is developed by Dialect and it is has awesome Graphics which makes this application more interesting to read.This application also includes various categories to chose from but it does not sync the content for us so that we can read it in offline mode which Google Currents was doing, Then also this app is pretty nice mainly because of its graphics which makes it different from all others. 

Home Screen

How it Works--It works only when you are connected to the internet connection and it will show you all the latest updates from the categories of your choice.

Note--> Good Internet Connection use for effective use of it.

What it covers:-

  • Games
  • Apps
  • Movies
  • Gadgets
  • Tech


3--Appy Geek


MobilesRepublic is the developer of this application. This application is perfect for Phones and tablets both.
It brings all the latest tech updates to you from the pro-bloggers blog such as TechCrunch , Gizmodo, T3 Magazine.This app also don't sync we are require to connected with a good internet connection.This also shows some videos with it which is not in other applications which makes it different from other and makes him stand out Alone in the market.

Home Screen

Topics It will be covering :-
  • Top Stories
  • All News
  • Videos
  • Moods
  • Apple Inc.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Google Play
  • HTC
  • Internet
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone
  • iTunes
  • Mobil Broadband
  • Nexus
  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation 3
  • Samsung
  • Video Game
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360

4--> New 360


This is developed by News360 LLC and it is the latest in the market from all of mentioned above and so it has overcome all the drawbacks which the above app were having but according top me there were no such drawbacks.

Their is one new feature in it which is different from all other apps i.e. it gives a Start to us when we read a article and as we read News360 is learning what sort of stories you prefer,and tailoring newsteed to be more relevant for you isn't great..!!!

Home Screen

How It Works--> Like Nvision and Appy Geek it also works active internet conncetion for getting updated to all the latest around us.

Topic Covered :-

Top Stories
Local News
Good News
Video Games
Graphic Designs
Fashion & Beauty

I know it is a little bit long list..!!!

Final Verdict :-

I am sure you will be going to download these application on your Phones/Tablets and i am sure that you will love this.If you ask me which application i like the most ? .My answer will be that i love all these apps but then also Google Currents and  NEWS360 are my favorite, what makes them different is Offline reading mode feature by Google Currents and a huge list of categories which help me to gind my favorite niche and get updated which is given by News360.

This not means that other 2 applications are not so good they are also quite nice and having their own features. We all know that their is a lot of tough competitions between these applications and developers of these applications are doing best and they will be adding more new and more features in this.

I am sire by using this apps you will be getting new business technology updates , new medical technology updates and last but not the least new information technology.


  1. hey mohit you have covered all the best application s in this post.good job.

  2. Nice & useful app, i like your stuff.

  3. @Fiza We all love to be updated with all the latest going around us and these apps are perfect for it.

  4. @MM Enterprises i am glad that you liked my stuff.. :) :) :)


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