Saturday, 3 November 2012

Top 5 Online Tools to Create GIF Images

Graphics Interchange Fromat or GIF for short are one of the oldest image formats. Since these images are good in attracting one's attraction, therefore these images can be seen commonly on the websites. There are many tools by which you can create your own GIF images. But due to the shortage of time in this fast running world, everybody hates the task of downloading software and then using it.

If you are also among such people, then here is a good news for you as there are many online tools to ease this task for you. Let's have a look at the best out of them.



LooGix is one of the best online tools to create your GIF files. This tool brings the simplicity at its best making it suitable for the non-techies. You can create GIF images from your normal .Jpeg images. Using this tool is simple. Just 'Browse' for images from your computer or take it from any URL. Upload it and thus you will be able to create GIF image from that with single click. You can also some cool effects like blur, radial blur, negative and lots more to bring the life in your images.



Gickr comes with the direct image integration from popular image related website Flickr. You can either upload the images from there or can also upload from your computer. You can even create GIF images from separate images.



As the name suggests, this tool also comes in the huge list of online tools for GIF image creation but with some cool features, it shines in the queue and is thus availing its place in this Top Online GIF making sites' list. The best part is that you can upload up to 12 images at single time. So you can use all of your favorite images for GIF image creation.



If you want to create GIF image without getting puzzled in the list of parameters, then this one is for you. Simply upload your image or grab it from the URL. Set the 'Loop' and click on 'Generate' button to create GIF image from the uploaded image. Simple as 1, 2, 3. Moreover, you can add some effects as well to make your image more attractive.



Now this is something unique. While most of the sites only let you to create GIF images from some other image formats, this one help you in creating GIF images of text as well. Simply write the text and set the loop. You can also insert other effects like different color, size of text etc. Simply click on the Generate button to get your GIF image created. You can then download that image on your computer for later use.

There are plenty of more tools to create GIF images but these few are the best. I hope you found them useful. All these online tools are free to use. So give them a try now and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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