Thursday, 1 November 2012

Windows 8 Pros and Cons with Slide Show

Windows 8 ..!!! The all new Operating System launched my Microsoft On 26th October'2012 after the massive testing of it by releasing the release previews of it :-

Developer Preview --> September 13, 2011
Consumer Preview --> February 29, 2012
Release Preview --> May 31, 2012

After the official Windows 8 release it has been purchased by over 4 Million People
from all around the world and it is a very big achievement too.



Yes windows 8 is much safer than all the earlier versions of Microsoft

windows.As this all new Windows 8 has a new feature i.e. Family Safety, we
already have discussed about this feature in our Feature topic in detail. This
feature is very helpful to keep an eye on your children’s pc without knowing

Low hardware specifications (even for tablets)

 Windows 8 is designed in such a way that it is compatible with low hardware
requirements also it doesn't mean that you can use it on core due or etc. This is
designed for mainly touch screens but due to his compatibility we can use it on
non-touch screens also, which makes his more compatible with many devices.

Has a Fresh Look

 As we all know new is always good and this all new windows 8 has a new Fresh
look which is not seen ever. All the old interfaces which Microsoft was using
earlier in his Operating System have been replaced by many new looks. As the
old style start button is get replaced by all new Metro UI style, Old command
bar with Ribbon and many more.

Optimized for touch screens

 This is the advantage which I look the most this windows 8 give us an
advantage of using your loving operating system in you Personnel Computer
(PC) , Laptops , Tablets and Mobiles. Till now no operating system was able to
do it and that’s why this make him different from all the OS.

Windows Store application

 Now a days everybody likes to play with some applications and this was the only
field in which Microsoft was lacking behind and now they have overcome this
dis-advantage in their all new windows 8 by bringing Windows store which is
filled with about 1,00,000 Applications and growing more and more day by
day. Microsoft has bring his windows store because of success of Google Play
Store and Apple Store.

Internet Explorer 10

 Microsoft have launched Internet Explorer 10 for their new Operating system
Windows 8. Till now this is only available for Windows 8 and no other OS are
compatible with it till now. In this new browser Microsoft had made many
changes like now this will be supporting HTML 5, CSS and flashes. Microsoft has
made other changes also to make it powerful so then it can give a tough
competition to other browsers present in market.

 Start-Up Duration

 All the people have been impressed by this Mile-stone achieved by Microsoft.
This will be helping Windows 8 to get more success has nobody likes to wait for
get their PC start and by keeping this in Mind they have worked on this and
make it Possible by keeping their start-up time up to 20 seconds which are very

Shut-Down Duration

 If nobody likes to wait to get his PC Boot up as same nobody also likes to wait
to get their PC shut-Down and Microsoft has completed this task also very
efficiently by keeping the shutdown time up to 10 seconds.


A whole new interface to discover

 We all know about the new interface of windows 8, which is completely
different from his old family. As all are familiar with the old versions of
windows and now this is making a problem for the people to understand it as it
is completely different from others OS.

Start menu

The old traditional Start Button of windows has been removed from their new
Windows 8 has the old start button has been replaced by new start Metro UI.

All Software's are not compatible with it

As we all know windows 8 is new and which is making a little difficult for him
to get compatible with all the software’s but I am sure Microsoft will be working
on it and this drawback will be overcome with the new updates of it.

This is Poll before the release of Window 8 Pro...


And from above result it was quite clear that Windows 8 will be going to rock and it

Windows 8 is full of new features and I am sure that you will love it to.

I have made a PPT for you on windows 8.It includes all information about it and i am sure 
that you will surely going to love it.

Their is the preview of PPT made by me I will suggest you to download It and watch in 
your PC ( Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 recommended for the best experience of graphics).

PPT Features -->

1-->First slide is the Same as Start Screen of Windows 8, with that if you click
on any of the menu you will be redirected to that slide isn't it amazing...

2-->On every slide on the right hand side their is the start menu of windows 8
and if you click on it then you will be re-directed to the first slide i.e Metro UI

It is one of the finest Operating System by Microsoft and we all know that their are
many people who are still loving Windows 7 but still i recommend to you that Download it
and Install it i am sure that you will love it and will forget your Windows 7.

Do you know you can get your all new Windows 8 for just 699 INR if you are
having Genuine Window 7 with you.

We hope that you have enjoyed the PPT and will be trying Windows 8 for sure...


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