Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Programming With C #3 Checking Entered Number Is Perfect Square Or Not

Hello, Friends this is our 3rd program of C language.

Our previous Programs our:

I am sure that you have find them helpful for you.

So, Today's program is like that, We will accept a number from the user and will check whether the entered number is perfect square or not. For eg :

User Entered 9 , then we will display es number is a perfect square.

And if user entered a number 20 we will display number is not a perfect square.

It is so simple...

In this program we are using a predefined function of C i.e Sqrt and we will be using Math.h header file to include it.

This function tell us the entered number is square of which number. Below is the code for it ENJOY IT ◕‿◕

Lets have a look at the output of the above code :-


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