Monday, 8 October 2012

Programming With C #1 Calculator


Hello Friends , on the high demand of my friends we are now starting a new category on our site i.e C Programming in which we will be adding various programs, which will surely help you to solve out your problem , and if you don't find any solution to of your problem let us know by commenting below.

So Let's Start , Without wasting any more time

So , it is our first program of C Language. In this we will be making a program in which we will be accepting  2 numbers from the user and will be Displaying the Addition , Multiplication , Subtraction and Division of that two numbers. Below is the coding of that :-

Output :


  1. @Christopher i am glad to know that our post is prove helpful too you.

  2. @rajesh i know its too basic programming but there are so many students who are struggling in this stage also...this program was for them only.


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