Thursday, 4 October 2012

15 Funny Facebook Timeline Covers


Facebook launched timeline profile some time back and it has got mixed response from the users. Some of them love it and some don't. But there is one feature in timeline profile which everyone is just loving. This is the cover photo. Timeline Cover is actually a large photo, which you can add. It is the first thing your friends will see when they visit your Facebook profile.
You might like to have a cover photo, which represents your true personality and your attitude towards life. But sometimes, you just want to be funny and give a little laugh to the visitors of your profile. That's why I have decided to share this list of funny Fb timeline covers. These covers will surely put a smile on the face of your friends when they visit your profile. If you feel you have a funnier cover photo, share with us in the comments.

1.         Stand Back

2.         Logout, The Hardest Button

3.         Facebook Is Like Jail

4.         Hahaha Explained

5.  Cover Not Found

6.  Evolution

7. Sparta

8. Say People

9. iDont Care

10. Ninja

11. Beer Equation

12. Timeline Sucks

13. Caution

14. Money, Power, Woman

15. Single, Ready To Mingle

These were some fb covers which i like the most if you have any share it with us please..!!
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  1. great & so nice layout, i like your collection.

  2. @Akash you are right this will make your profile look WOW... :) :)


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