Friday, 14 September 2012

Value of Cloud Computing Services for the Life Sciences Industry


For research-intensive industries such as pharmaceutical firms and biotech companies, having an easier means to facilitate research and collaboration can help them innovate new products. Leveraging suitable IT infrastructures, platforms, and applications offered by cloud computing services can enable companies in the life sciences industry to improve their R&D processes.

Cloud services can provide life sciences organizations with cloud servers that can enable them to cut costs, which usually amounts to billions spent on annual research. These servers have scalable storage space to accommodate any volume of information. Through these servers, companies will only be required to pay for the space they leverage and avoid purchasing and maintaining in-house hardware and data storage software.

Cloud applications can also help these companies increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to deliver products and services. Life sciences organizations usually take years to develop and deliver new drugs to the market. Some of the cloud services they can use include Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online. These hosted services work just as effectively as solutions deployed on-premise but allow companies to reduce operational costs as well.

Through these services, companies can enhance collaboration with business partners, vendors, and clients, as well as enable them to access their data outside the office. Reputable IT providers can also assure them that the cloud environment is SAS 70 Type II compliant to ensure that data are digitally and physical secured.

By delegating transactional processes to cloud computing services, life sciences organizations will be able to focus their attention and resources on important activities to enable them to innovate products more efficiently


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