Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Toll Free Conference Call services: Provides easy global connection in corporate


Conducting meetings, conferences and corporate meetings have become very convenient in this e-world. Internet and advancement in technology has made it the easiest to connect to anyone present globally. Physical presence is not emphasized to a huge extent, as communication has been enhanced and enabled on a flexible note with the help of advanced technology. People no longer would have to spend hours in the office, organizing important conferences to fit into a ‘specific date”. Neither do they have to wait endlessly for ‘the’ calls to reach their desk. All they need to do is arrange a call conferencing and get connected with anyone desired.

With the invention of Toll Free Conference Call services, any client, customers, HODs, prospects, or even colleagues can be contacted at any point of time, and at any time of the day. These services facilitate instant setting up of conferences, meetings and discussions, which help to overcome urgencies. If business/company transactions are done overseas, then emergencies and urgencies do occur off hand. At times, when the set-up of the company is at a progressive stage that is yet to be completed, these services come in very handy for official purposes. Moreover, they save both time and money. Important people from the company don’t have to fly back and forth to make important decisions in the company. All they have to do is get connected to their client or customer through internet and decide for important decision and get going. This makes it easy for everyone.

Toll Free Conference Call services are available 24 X 7 and they can be accessible through any landline or mobile phone connections. There are even discounted rates available to avail these services. Calls that be conducted through these services are Multi-vendor conferences, divisional meetings, client/customer calls, new product launches and training and many more.

In these Toll Free Conference Call services, the call time can last up to 6 hours, one can download and record the minutes of the meeting as and when required. These are flash and web based applications driven conferences with the latest technology. The hassles of on time payments and credit payments are excluded. One only needs to pay for the minutes. Online management tools are also available to support the all- digital network. These tools enable access to multiple accounts activated at the time of the conference call. Hence, we can say that, this innovative invention proves to be a boon to the corporate world as well.


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