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Important Precautions to save a wet phone after it gets drowned


Before the start of this valuable post, I would like to ask a few questions to my readers: Have you ever dropped your cell phone in water tub or mug by mistake? Or has your phone ever taken the washing machine bath? Have you lost your phone due to your mistake by dropping it in machine, toilet, sink or any other water container?

If yes, then you shall read this post very carefully as we have shared the precautions to save phone after it is dropped in water. If no, then also, you are recommended to read this post, as the accidents can happen any time.

Important Precautions to save a wet phone after it gets drowned

Important Precautions to save a wet phone

1.  One shall pull the phone out of the water as soon as possible, when he/she gets to know that his/her phone is drowning in water or any other liquid. Remember, even a few seconds of delay can damage the phone.

2. Switch off the phone as soon as possible. You are suggested to remove the battery as soon as possible. Switching off will take some time. So, removing battery directly will be a good choice, as the power source to the mobile circuitry will be removed and thus short circuiting will be prevented.

3.  Removing the SIM card will be a smart move by the owner instead of keeping it inside the SIM card slot as the SIMs can also damage due to water. With SIM, all the saved information of your important contacts will be lost. Re-issuing a new SIM of the same number, does not give the contacts back. The new issued SIM is always empty.

4.  Now check the phone is damaged by water or not. This can be done by removing the battery cover and then battery. The manufacturers, now-a-days keep a circle or square of white color, which remains white if no water, comes in contact. However, the red or pink colored lines on the paper are the sign of damage.

5.  Use towels and absorbing clothes to dry the phone to an extent. The owners are recommended not to move the phone up or down in excess as the water can cause damage by entering the sensitive areas. So, it is advised to gently keep the towel on the exterior of the phone and then pat it gently on all the sides. This will remove water to 10-15%.

6.  Also, de-assemble the phone in order to dry the phone more closely. So, if you know to remove the keypad and mobile body from its place and then re-assembling it, you shall immediately do it and then clean the phone gently.

7.  Use of a vacuum cleaner would be a great choice. Some people however use hair dryers. But we strongly recommend not to use hair dryers. However, the use of the vacuum cleaner is god move with which a lot of water can be sucked. The users are advised not to bring the vacuum cleaner too close to the phone as the static charges developing due to heat could also cause damage to the phone.

8. After doing so, keep the phone in a bowl full of rice or dessicant or in a air tight container for a longer period of time. This will dry the phone out. I recommend the users to keep the phone over the period of whole night in the suggested material.

9. Keep the phone on napkins or towels, for some time.

10. One can also de-assemble parts of the phone and then try cleaning and drying the phone with the use of a alcohol and brush.

11. The people are requested to use water proof covers to avoid such accidents as the covers will save the phone from the water for a longer period of time.

12. After all the above steps, you have to check your battery by entering it in the phone and then switching on the phone. If the phone starts then your phone is secured otherwise you shall try using the battery in some other phone. Maybe battery gets damaged.

13. In the case, the battery is OK and your phone is still not starting, then you shall take your phone to the customer care centers of the respective phone brand and then tell them everything without hiding things.

Is this post helpful for you? Comment below and also suggest us some more precautions to save the phone, if we are missing the precaution in this post.

This article is written by Fazal Beg, Who runs a news blog and love to write about Technology Trends.


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