Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How do you convert a pdf to a word document or other formats???

Hello friends we are back with a useful and easy trick. Many times we want  to change the extension of one file to another for eg. Pdf to doc or converting pdf to excel or any other format. Now you will be thinking their are so many software's available for that but we have to search and download them also, so it becomes a time consuming process. Have you ever think to send a mail of your file and get a reply in which your file is converted into desire format. sounds very cool and easy as it  is a very simple and very effective way to convert our files from any format to another one in very less time. Now i will let you know most easiest method of converting files...-:

Step 1 --> Open you any of e-mail a/c for eg. Yahoo , G mail , Hotmail etc.

Step 2 --> Click on a Compose new mail option.

Step 3 --> Attach the file which you want to get convert.

Step 4--> Now send mail to format@zamzar.com 
                   For eg you want to convert Pdf to Doc. upload your Pdf and send it to doc@zamzar.com .

Step 5--> And you will get a reply from that mail having converted file Download link in  it.

It supports all type of conversations i.e doc, e-book , videos , image , music ,Compressed conversion ,CAD conversion . 

You can also see the list of all extensions 
Extension List

If you have any problem or you want us to post any specific trick, click here or just post a comment below and help us to know what you want to know.... :) :) :)


  1. your pic is not fit in author pic section

  2. will add it..thanksss for suggestions...

  3. can u please tell me what problem you are facing.. i will solve it....

  4. @praveen yes this is a very easy trick..and i also follow this only while converting..!!!!


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