Monday, 24 September 2012

Create your Own e-book with Wikipedia


What is an E-book ?

E-Book ( Electronic Book) it is a book in the form of digital form, containing text,images,graphs. It is in the digital format mainly in the PDF format. We can use e-book readers such as our computers , laptops , tab , e-book readers and many more devices like it.

Create your Own E-Book 

Everybody likes to read the books but in today's life nobody like to carry those heavy book with them, as they now have new technology of reading those books in a digital format and for that they don't have to carry any extra burden with them , which makes reading those books more interesting.

So, what you need for creating your own e-book ?

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to Wikipedia 
  • Space for Storing it.

Now all ready So, Let's Start 

We will be creating a book on Computers.

Step 1--> Go to Wikipedia .

Step 2--> Search for which on you want to create E-book

For illustration we are searching on History of Computers.

Searching for the Topic

Step 3--> Wikipedia , will be showing the result for it. There is a in-built function from Wikipedia we will use it named " Print/Export " , we will find this option on the left hand side of the page.

Print/Export In-Built Function

Step 4--> After Clicking on the Print/Export option we will be seeing a drop down list as in above.We can also download only this page as PDF , or print it but here we will be selecting Create a book option.

Step 5-->  We will be seeing a all new page, with title Book Creator. In this page we will be seeing all the options available in this function.

Book Creator Page

Step 6-->  Click on the " Start Book Creator ".

Step 7--> We will be seeing a new toolbar at the top of the every page, which will help us in creating ebooks.


Step 8--> We will be clicking on the page which we want us in our E-book. We can add as many page we want in it.And we will be able to see the number of pages added by us also in that toolbar.

Step 9--> Their is also one more feature by Wikipedia, " Suggest Pages"  we can also use this function to see the related pages to our first search.

Step 10--> Whenever we think that we have added a good number of pages, click on Show Book(Number of pages).

Step 11--> We will see a new page with title Manage your Book. In this page we can give Title to our book , Subtitle , sorting of titles. We can also Printed version of the book created by us , if you want.

Book Creator
Step 12--> Finally your first e-book is ready with free download option on that page.Just choose your appropriate format and click on Download

Bingo..!!! you are done and have created your first own e-book , isn't amazing so share with your friends..!!!


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