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Android Pen Drive PC

Miracles happens everywhere and every next second we find more and more new things coming up. In the computer field also we are witnessing so many revolutions . Older Generations had to use large computers, but this generation saw transformation of PC to Notebook and then to Tablets. UG802 , you must have heard about this. It is a PC with fun. Reno Botes UG 802 is like an ordinary USB pen drive but it has 1.6 GHz dual core processor with 400 MB Graphics support.It can be used as an Android powered Computer which has the latest Android , Ice Cream Sandwich. [Havent you heard of jelly bean ?? ] The first advantage is that compared to other computers ug802 has only the size of a pen drive. We can carry it around anywhere. In order to use it we need a monitor with HDMI port and USB mouse and Keyboard. We can connect our ordinary keyboard and mouse because UG802 has two USB ports. Other than USB port it has one HDMI port to connect it with a Monitor.

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Lets check it’s features

UG802 supports latest Android OS Android Ice Cream Sandwich , we don’t have enough information whether we can use Android Jelly Beans. Anyway Ice Cream Sandwich is a good os.

Hardware is pretty good and better than it’s competitor MK 802.The new Mini PC is powered by a 1.6 GHz Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor with Mali 400 graphics. It has 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage.Mali 400 graphics is good enough to play video at 720p HD , Depending on your monitor you will get good output.MicroSD card can be used to store your video/audio and other files. Even Though it is very small it doesn’t cost too much money , you only need $89 for this device.

People use Tablet and Smartphones, to browse internet , or to chat , or to watch movies online beside this they used it for gaming. Internet is very essential, none of the manufactures can avoid. Thanks to UG802 for providing WiFi support. You can use internet via wifi. Other than this people like to play games, 1.6 GHz and Mali 400 graphics are enough to play any kind of game whether it 3D or not.

The Manufacture of this device has uploaded a video on Youtube to explain device and demonstrated many apps and games on it to show that all worked perfectly fine. 


He is ready to demonstrate any app on the device. Some games seem to be very tough in this device and some games don't support mouse. But angry bird like games worked perfectly fine on it. The device supports all external devices.

We can buy small Keyboard and mouse from the manufacturer itself as small keyboards are better for this device. Unlike Raspberry pi , all apps work fine , it is powerful and will work faster than Rasberry pi. This device cost only $89-$90 , without any peripherals like Mouse , Keyboard and Monitor.

Bottom line: This device is not a bad one like Rasberry pi ,which is very slow. $90 is not a big price ,Even the  cheaper Android devices also cost more than this so the device is worth its price. Powerful processor and graphics offers a seamless performance. One another benefit of this is we can connect it with our HDMI TV.

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  1. It is not a Pen drive , It is a Android base Computer.

  2. Its features are superb is mind blowing device.

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