Wednesday, 12 September 2012

All New Tablet S from Sony Xperia


As we all know that all of us are now moving towards smartphones from ordinary mobiles. And all the big companies are launching their smartphones and tabs. After seeing the success of Apple and Samsung, Sony Xperia has launched his Tables named “Tablet S” currently it is available in Uk only for shipping at £329 only. Sony’s this new tablet was announced last week at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The second generation tablet from Sony will be bearing the Xperia branding with it. It’s some specifications include NVIDIA TEGRA 3 CPU, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will be having Sony Multimedia goodies. It will be having unconventional “Folded Magazine” design which was introduced by Sony last year in his tablet.

Currently 16GB and 32GB models are available to buy from Sony UK’s online store. 16GB will cost you £329 and 32GB will cost you £379. The 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G versions are available for pre-order only at £429.Most importantly is that it’s price is less than Apple’s third gen I-Pad by around £70.

As Xperia tablet’s lower resolution screen and we all know that Android has not still caught with IOS’s tablet ecosystem. Hoping that this device will be bringing a new change in the market due to his price and we all know if it doesn’t work Sony will make it work due to his global reach and having a good repo as OEM tom make this kind of device work.

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  1. @Praveen it will be available in India about from next week no worries..!!!

  2. Very useful information, thanks to sharing nice info.

  3. @MM Enterprises your most welcome...Keep visiting..:) :) :)

  4. Hi , Nice posts ..Can we upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly beans ?

  5. @Joe I am also a fan of Sony, as its all products are quality made and i am sue that it will surely give some fight fight to Samsung and Apple

  6. @sandeep i too was amaze has Sony believe in quality nor price but it is truth and we have to believe it...


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