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Add and Manage Accounts in Windows 8


As it is with a number of issues with the Windows operating system, things have changed in Windows 8, and you’ll find it necessary to find ways to go around with the new OS.

How exactly do you tackle user accounts in Windows 8? One may insert a new user from the Metro screen by swiping a part of the display to open up the Charms bar and then select Settings. By standard, Windows 8 merely demonstrates a couple of the options and that means you have to click or tap on the link at the bottom “Change PC settings”.

When you finally reach the Metro PC Settings, you will notice “Users” shown as the 2nd option on the listing in the left pane. Once you tap “Users”, from there you can find information of your personal account on the right side, look for a plus-sign button at the bottom part that says “Add a user”.
Microsoft wants their users to associate their Windows account with an online Microsoft account. Doing it allows you to download apps from the Windows Store, sync options for instance web browser favorites and history, and also gain access to online information instantly. It gives a far more steady, smooth experience.
Windows 8 wants us to have Online Accounts

Microsoft account and Local account

It is possible to enter an email address related to a Microsoft account to setup the user account. There are selections at the bottom to either set up a fresh email account to correlate in case you don’t currently have one or even sign in without the use of a Microsoft account--otherwise called a Local account.
If you are using a Microsoft account, the account credentials is going to be similar to the account. Should you select a Local account you will need to designate a username and a password. The last step provides you with an option to set the account as a child’s account then also configure parental settings. Final step, simply click on Finish and your new account is ready up.
This is how things get a bit challenging.  When you return to the Metro PC Settings and tap into “Users” you are likely to still view ones own account details shown above the right pane. At the bottom of the right pane is an area named Other User, which includes the various accounts available on the system. Each of the accounts are grayed out therefore you can’t really see or possibly manage it at all--even when you’re logged in as an Administrator.
That being said, what does one do if you want to assign or alter the password on a user account or maybe remove a user?

Accessing Control Panel/ Managing Account

Behind the Metro fa├žade there are several ways to reach the Desktop mode Control Panel, still the most effective would be to swipe from the right part of the Metro display to bring up the Charms, and then tap the Search charm at the very top. Just look up “Control Panel”, and will appear as the top pick in the results.

Now, you might be able to select the User Accounts and Family Safety group, as well as gain access to options to establish Family Safety controls for a user, modify the account type, or perhaps even delete a user account.
It is important to realize that the default Administrator account fitted with Windows 8 lacks a password assigned to it. Anybody can sign you out as well as alter user accounts to log in as Administrator and that person will have total usage and control of your Windows. Your initial reaction should be after installing Windows 8 is to head to the Control Panel then designate a password for the Administrator account.

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