Thursday, 8 November 2012

iPhone Application Development - Gives the cost leadership to the outsourcing business


There is tough time for the global economy. In every sector of economy is today face shrinking profit and growth. Every Company is trying  optimize their operations in order to reduce the overall cost of the business and proper use of resource. In time of company driven economy , the companies are set the product price. The pricing procedure is to first set the profit level and add the cost to it. But in present time economic situation, company's profit is shirking . The economy are more market driven. The company are set the price on the basis of Target Cost  Where the price is first set on the basis of feedback of customer, than company selected price level are deducted from the price and cost is deduce. As cost is set by market force the company’s have to use their resource optimally in order maintain their profit level.

Mobile application development now is one of the emerging service sector of outsourcing business. There are many mobile platform where the application project are out source. They are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry  and J2ME , but among them iOS and Android are most wanted mobile technology for business as the most users are used these two mobile platforms. Among these two mobile technology the iOS is better than the Android. Current iOS version is the fifth generation of mobile technology , which support the features like real time tracking system , facetime video conferencing, 4G enlightening speed network and many more. In short we can say iOS is the most featured user friendly next generation mobile operating system where a company can invest their investment in order to ensure their return.

Company’s in order to maintain the level of profit and also cost leadership among the other competitor companies have to match the market driven target cost. To match the target cost companies are outsourcing some projects. The outsourcing service provider company who provide these type of service have to match these cost target in order to get the projects.

There are the advantage of the Mobile Application Development companies who develop maximum projects in iOS. As the biggest advantage of the iOS application development is if any application made in iPhone it automatically render in iPad , iOS itself render the application. There may be some graphics problem for iPad rendering, but this problem can be overcome by only use of another set of graphics for iPad. But this type problem arise when only for games and entertainments applications.

So we can say, the outsourcing service provider companies who provide mobile application development service are gain the cost leadership over  competitors if they target iPhone Applications Development as their core competency of business.


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