Thursday, 8 November 2012

Boost your Android phone’s life – Tips to enhance the longevity of your phone

Do you own an Android smartphone? If answered yes, you must be acknowledging the fact that everything is good about it except its battery performance. Well, you might be relieved to know that not only you, every Android mobile phone user face this battery problem in their Android smartphones. There are even many Android phone users who feel that a nightly recharge is sufficient for their phone to work perfectly throughout the next day but unfortunately this is also not enough sometimes. 

Here are some tips that you may follow in order to boost the battery performance of your Android phone.

·       Check what is actually consuming the battery

 You can reach to your phone’s Settings, About Phone and Battery Use if you want to see the details of what is consuming your phone’s battery. The list will be given in descending order and if you see any application that is consuming too much battery and that you don’t use much, you should turn it off or uninstall it immediately to save battery.

·       Set the brightness of the display accordingly

      Turning down the brightness of the screen is a necessity as it is most likely that the brightness of the screen is the biggest thing that is affecting the battery life of the phone. You can adjust so that the brightness automatically increases in the darker environments and makes it clearer for you to see the screen.

·       Remove the widgets from your screen

Though widgets are tools that can make navigation a lot easier, when it comes to battery consumption, they play a vital role. Instead of keeping widgets on the home screen, remove them in order to save the life of your Android phone’s battery.

·       Reduce the usage of Facebook:

 If you’re tired of charging your phone twice in a day, reduce the usage of net and chatting with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. There is something called the ‘data traffic’ and if you want to enhance the battery usage, you can disable ‘data traffic’ so that you don’t continuously receive internet signals.

All Android phones are well-known for their smartness and low battery back-up. If you want your smartphone to operate well, follow the above mentioned tips and execute them in order to save battery.


  1. Wow Excellent tips for increase our mobile battery backup. i like your tips.

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  3. @Rajesh Yes, you should try them..


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