Saturday, 25 August 2012

5 Android Apps to Enhance Your Email Experience

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Have you just bought an android phone? Then, you must have seen that your phone is stuffed with apps of various kinds. While you will find some of them to be very useful, the others might seem like a complete waste of space. So, you will have to remove the unnecessary ones.

For an android user you will expect your hone to help you email with ease. For this you will need at least one or the other of the following email apps.


Are you a Gmail user? Then you will definitely need this app. Your phone might or might not have it. But if you have a Gmail account then you will have to download it from the market. This is one of the best free email apps. The best feature of this app is that it will store all your contact and then synchronize them with the contacts in your phonebook. This will help you to retrieve your contacts even if you lose the phone.

Yahoo Mail

If you have a yahoo account then you must have this app. If you have multiple accounts then you can configure them through this app. You can integrate your Yahoo messenger, send attachments, files, picture, etc. for the yahoo email account holders this app is enough.

K9 Mail

This is an email app that is going to make up for the absence of the other email apps. This is an app that allows you to add all your email accounts. You can set up any number of accounts and even set up the refresh time for the email accounts based on their priority. You can also save your mail on the memory card.  

TouchDown for Smartphone

If you have a corporate email account then this is a must-have. This app will help you to import all your contacts, email, contacts and tasks the moment you connect to the exchange server. The security and the encryption is top notch and therefore there is no change of breach of security. You can easily download a trial version and try it for a month. If you like it then you can easily buy the entire version.

Mail Droid

This app enjoys a high rating simply because it allows you the flexibility to handle multiple accounts simultaneously. It supports the higher range of exchange and comes with a memory card. Even the custom rules can be changed according to your requirement. This is very similar to Microsoft Outlook, only a bit more efficient and has a number of other features. You might download a free version that comes with a lot of advertisements. If you do not like the distraction of the ads then you can easily buy the full version that has no ads.

These are the top five email apps for your android phone which will enhance the performance of the device. The SMTP mail can also be easily done to enable you to send and receive bulk or single emails without having to worry about their delivery or reception.

Author Bio:
Robert Smith who is a Software Developer write articles on SMTP Mail. 


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