Sunday, 15 July 2012

Useful Software's which can surely help you

Many times we find some difficulties in computer while doing some work , due to which all our hard work is of no use. Here , i am going to tell you about some softwares which are surely going to help you..:-

How to Stop the Spyware

Firewall stops the downloading of various viruses and spyware from internet. It also prevents Phishing ( they are fraught mails or files which are used for taking your personal data , it may be of your bank a/c or your other social networking site , etc.) , To stop all this there is a software which can help you, ZoneAlaram you can download it for free by just goint here (  . It will help you a lot., and if you have deleted some files from your p.c and you wan't it back so there is a software name Recuva you cn use it to restore your files , to download it by going here ( If you want to protect your data , last visited sites , credit card information and etc. from the hackers , there is a software name Spybotsd , you can download it for free  by just going here (

Duplicate File Finder Tool

If you want to stop the copying of duplicate files on your hard disk.So you must download this by going here ( , with the help of this duplicate file finder tool you can also recover the files which have been accidently deleted. It is available on various platforms , such as Windows XP , Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Give Space to Your Computer

There are many unwanted files which are save on our computer and use our hard disk space , to solve out from this problem there is a software name Cleacner .This software's delete all the unwanted files from your PC and makes a lot of space , it also improves the speed of you computer too. You can download this useful software from (, the use of this software is very easy. And if you want to increase the life of your computer you must have Antivirus in it , in market there are many antivirus available in all the ranges but there is a free antivirus which is a very powerful antivirus . It scannes all the files , E-mails , even Instant messenger messages also. Even this antivirus gives warning if you are downloading any files from a website which sends viruses and spyware also.

Quick guide to make your pc work properly

1 --> Time to Time update your antivirus program .
2 --> You should regularly check the files stored in your PC.
3 --> Before Downloading from any websites , you should check whether the site is genuine or not.
4 --> If your getting mails from other company's , you should add filter to it , which will stop all the unwanted mails .
5 --> You should use Disk-Cleanup also to make your computer faster.


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