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Whatsapp for PC | How to use whatsapp on Computer


Whatsapp For PC | Whatsapp for Computer:-

As we all know that everybody has mobile phones and everybody have lots of application too. One of the most famous application within the youths is WHATSAPP , we all are familiar with this awesome application. , have you ever think that it will be fun to use your favorite application on your P.C or laptop with your other work. Now i am going to tell you how to use whatsapp for PC
Just follow this steps and you are done..:-

Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp for PC

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Step 1-->  First of all Download Youwave by going here--> MB).

Step 2--> Uninstall Virtual BOX (if you have any installed).

Step 3 --> Install Youwave.

Step 4-->  Open Youwave.

Step 5--> Click on VIEW --> Online Content (You can see the Whatsapp ICON)

Step 6--> Click On it and wait for it to download.

(after download completed)

Step 7--> Go to View --> Apps.

Step 8--> Click On WhatsApp.

Step 9-->  whatsapp application will asks for your Details .

Step 10--> Fill Your Details

Step 11-->  Add Your Contacts As You Normally Would .....

Note -->

You have to fill it in and keep your phone in the near area. The number you fill in has to be correct. You even can use your home phone instead of a mobile phone. First you will get a sms text message from whatsapp with a 3 digit number. The install screen of whatsapp will ask you to click on “call me”. When u click on “call me”, an automatic call is made to your phone number. A voice will tell u the same 3 digit number as the number they send you by sms text message. Fill in this number. Last step is to fill in your name or nickname. Verification is complete and you are ready to use whatsapp.

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  2. really awesome trick i like this very much

  3. @Inderjit Singh
    i will surely let you know...regarding this please send me you mail id at

  4. bt it is only 7 day trail period to get full version or crack of youwave for android.!!!

  5. @sandeep you an check "BlueStacks" for full version...!!!!! :) :) :)

  6. Works on Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

  7. @Sid we have not checked it on yet..please you should have a try on it and please inform us also regarding to it.!!!

  8. @Sneha i am happy that you like our work.. and thanks for sharing your experience with us..!!!! keep visiting.!!!

  9. @Almas we will surely going to publish a full version of it.!!

  10. yeah i've done it,love to use whatsapp while working on pc.

  11. @Sarves yes you should try it.

  12. can u provide me the complete key of you wave because youwave only provides the 30 days trail version


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