Monday, 23 July 2012

Security Plugins For Browsers

As i have posted earlier about the security of your mobile now i am going to tell you how to protect your browsers so that you can keep in touch with your friends and with Trick Techno also...
Most of our computer usage these days is restricted to opening up a browser and going online.Since browsers and going online.Since browsers are so commonly used they need to be protected .

Say No to Scripts

Firefox and other Mozilla browser have an add on available called NoScript , that blocks and notifies you of scripts like Flash , QuickTime , JavaScript etc, preventing malicious websites from using these scripts as attack vectors to access your computer or crash your browsers. Blocking all scripts however would render your browsing experience incomplete, thus Noscript allows you to adjust settings so as to block only unsafe domains. 

For Google Chrome you can install a very similar extension , Called by a very similar name NotScript , you can download it from chrome store. This too gives you a relatively high degree of control over what content to run and what to block on your browsers while allowing you to whitelist sites you trust an want easy access to.

And, For Internet Explore which i don't think many of us use it but for those who use it. Internet Explores again has certain inbuilt features you can tweak to give similar results. Go to internet options > security tab > custom level > disable Scripting. But there is no customization possible and the java script will be disabled for all websites alike.

Control Your Cookies and more

Other useful and popular options include Ghostery for both Firefox and Google chrome that gives you a pop-up window whenever you use an ad network or tracking script and allows to block the once you don't trust. Then there is close 'n' forgot in Firefox, through which you can protect yourself from sites you have accidently opened , only to realize later that you did not want it to appear in your history at all, you can simply press the icon and the site all cookies related to it are permanently deleted. If the thought that all you visit or search on the net gives you the creeps , you should try out Better-Privacy in Firefox, which blocks long term tracking by Google, YouTube, Ebay etc.   


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