Thursday, 26 July 2012

Restoring A Session After Browser Crash

You've got 20 tabs open. You revel in your "Greek-Level 9" status.Browser crashes....FFFFFUUUU !!! If you too are regularly haunted by the nightmare of losing te hours of effort put in opening all those tabs due to sudden crashes, these tips are sure to bring a big sigh of relief. A few useful plug-ins and slight changes in your settings could be just the thing you're looking for.

Extensions for Chrome

For chrome users, in most cases when you reopen the application after crash,it automatically prompts you to return to the last session(with a sorry face ,mind you!.) and simply pressing the Restore button it will take you back to all the tabs and windows you had open initially. But extensions like FreshStart , Session Manager and Sessions buddy add another level of functionality.With FreshStart you can chose which tabs to save across all the open windows, to be stored under a particular session. Sessions Buddy captures your last 10 most recent sessions,an especially helpful feature after a browser again returning to a particular session is a breeze.

Mozilla Firefox add-ons

Firefox also prompts you when you restart the browser after crash, and clicking on the restore session option will reopen all the tabs and windows. But as with chrome, add-ons give you much more control.Go to Mozilla Firefox add-ons store and search for Sessions Manager.It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually .Other common add-ons for this purpose are Tab mix Plus, with crash recovery that can save and restore a combination of opened tabs and windows and save session.

Tweaks For IE

If your Internet Explorer crashes or shuts down for whatever reason, when you reopen the application and go to "about: Tabs" , there's an in-built link to open on the button of this page to reopen your last session as it was. Opening a prior session is tricky though. The solution is to install a separate application for this, the most popular being the IE Sessions Manager.


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