Friday, 20 July 2012

Remotely Wipe Your Mobile Devices

Now a days , Our mobile phone , laptops ,and now tablets have so much of our personal data with them. Surely the thought of these devices must've crosssed our  mind.In such an unfortunate situation you'll most likely think of whether you can find your lost/stolen devices.Is there a way to 
install a software equivalent of a lojack on your device ? And if all else fails is there a way to remotely wipes at least your sensitive data ? Sometimes as a last resort wiping your data is the only way to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.Now i am going to tell you how to wipe-out your personal data remotely...:-

For the droids :-

An application called Android lost is your ray of hope when tis unfortunate calamity occurs. Install it from the Android Market (now Google Play) and you will be able to control your phone from app allows you to remotely perform various tasks such as locate your phone via GPS , forward call , lock the device and erase data. All you have to do is configure your phone with service and it will show up on the website for your bidding.

Remote wipe of your Laptops

The most popular free application to help your find , recover and remotely erase the data on your laptops is Prey. It's open source , lightweight and cross platform with versions for mac. Windows and Ubuntu. The software sits in the background and allows you to perform many task remotely. These inlcude gathering info on the device's location , hardware and network status and trigger specific actions on it such as remote wiping password. You can download Prey from download or find a suitable version for your system on the omega DVD.

iWipe that iPhone

There's a neat little feature within the iphone too that lets you delete data remotely.This is enabled through iCloud and obviously requires an apple id.If your device runs on IOS 5 ,simply visit and click on find my iPhone.But before this you must ensure that you have enabled the Find MY iPhone feature in the  iCloud settings menu of your device.Once the feature is enabled on your device and say you have lost it , you can firstly find the device location and additionally even perform a remote wipe by simply visiting the website.


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