Monday, 16 July 2012

Is your Password Safe ???

Now a days all of us are connected to some electronic devices whether it is mobile ,PC's , Laptops ,tablets and many more, and we are using them in our daily to daily life. As a result many of us store their confidential data in them such as our  bank a-c info. login id and passwords , ATM pins and etc because they think nobody can use their data from the device, Hence they are thinking wrong because now hackers are in full form as a result 4,50,000 user password of yahoo and 6 million of linkdeIN accounts are hacked by them.

we never realise that little efforts of can make us more secure .now we can help you out in making you secured from hacking .It's time we start guarding our passwords, the way we guard our ATM pins.Now i am going to how to make your more strong :-

As it is the weak passwords which make our accounts vulnerable. So, here are some simple tips to protect your passwords :-

Use Different Passwords For each Account

Make sure that you give each account a different password because if any of your account password is known by them , then you will be in very big trouble.

Remember to log off

If you get login from any device, you must click get out even if you are getting late because anyone near can use your account and change the password.

Make sure that your anti virus is updated

Always use best anti viruses to protect your computer or laptop and make sure that you are checking daily for the updated and found if any immediately update it because it will avoid all the keyloggers and malware away from your computers.

Make less use of public computers

Don's use the public computers ( such @ Internet cafe's or library etc.) until there is not necessary because there may be some malware which stores your passwords.

 Don't enter your password while using unsecured WI-Fi connection ( such as at coffee shops , airports , restaurants , etc .) because if there is any hacker he can intercept your password and data.

Change password regularly

If you have store something very important information , then you should be changing your password regularly and don't use the same password for at least the 1 year.

Use a Password which is easy to remember for you and hard to guess

Always use the combination of lower alphabets  , numbers , symbols and uppercase alphabets while typing your password , and make sure that your password is minimum of 8 characters.

make the password which will be easy to remember and hard to guess. For eg :- Iam:)2b18 here the password stated that "I am Happy To be 18 ". you can make password for your account like that only because it is easy to remember and very difficult to be get guessed.

And , try to use a virtual keyboard.

You should check the password strength

While typing a password on any site and it is providing the password strength analyzer , then you should keep in mind that it is strong not week.

Never share your password

You should never share your password with any one even he/she is your best friend because no one no's will he/she will be your good friend in future too . Always try to keep your password within yourself only.


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    kaspersky is good but i will prefer you too use QuickHeal total security. it is best antivirus...

  9. m using quick heal 2013 & i know My lappy is fully protected


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