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Top free softwares

If you are planning to buy a new computer and you are going to but some paid software's also for them then just wait  internet can help you out. From internet you can you can download many software's for free  ,which can wok for you like paid software's , with the help of this software's you can do all of your daily tasks. Mainly we are in need of Office sweets , Collaboration , Portable apps , e-mail clients like software's. So now i am going to tell you the software's which you can download from internet for free and their use full too for you :-

Office Sweets

 Apache Open Office

This software is provided by the Microsoft for free of cost . This is most used all our the world by many of the users who don't want to pay for paid software's like Ms Office (unless we don't install the pirated copy). This software is available Windows , Mac , and Linux also.It provides you various functions to you like :--

1--> Word Processor - Which you can use for writing letter or other documents.

2--> Calc - A powerfull spreadsheet which provides you the features like calculating , analyse and presenting your data in numerical reports.

3--> Impress - It helps to create the presentations for your office or for your schools .

4--> Draw - It provided you the features of drawing a small simple diagram to dyanmic 3D diagrams .

5--> Base - It helps to create tables , forms , reports and queries .

6--> Math - It helps to create the mathematical equations with graphic interfaces also.

Think Free office

This is also called as cloud office,this software's completely works in any web browser. This software doesn't requires any download or installation. You can use its free account to save your documents and it provides 1GB storage which is enough. This features time to time take the back-up of your documents  due to this if unfortunately your browser crashes , you data will be their only.

King Soft Office

This king soft office is available for only windows operating system. It has word processor, Presentation creator and PDF creator. It has aslo have an inbuilt E-Maiil functionally ,and its interface is very userfriendally. 

Zoho Sweet

Here, you get Collaboration Applications, Business Applications and productivity application. Zoho provide E-mail , web conferencing , chat , Calender , planner, Remote assistant , book kipping , customer relationship management and many more functions.It work only in web browser, For using it you have to just sign-up on the site and enjoy this wonderful services.



If you have to do your work in groups , then Scribblar can help you out. The main feature of this software is that it allows all the people in your group leaving at another places, can work all together.You can use your Skype Id also to login or else you have to register at that site.

Operating System


Ubuntu is a free operating system available online for free.This operating system can surely can make your work easy.It can be downloaded easily and you can write this on a CD or DVD , Due to this you can run anytime your Ubuntu on your PC and it works very good also on already installed software's in your PC. 

Portable Apps

With the help of Portable apps you can carry your favorite programs, bookmarks and settings.At lots of programs are available and most of the are web browsers (such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Opera etc. ) , games , Office sweets , chat clients and security tools.It doesn't requires any registration and their is No time limits , No catch.


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