Sunday, 29 July 2012

How To Get Your Passport Photo Online in Minutes

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We all know , now days everything all the works such as submitting college forms ,applying for passports, submitting data for jobs all are online for applying online we also want a passport size photo of us to attach with it , for that first of all we have to go to photography studio and then get a hard-copy of it and after it we have to scanned our photo to get its digital copy. It takes a lot of time and its money wastage also. Today i am going to tell you How to get your Passport size pic online in minutes.

Click here-->

1--> First of all select your country, as all country's have different dimensions for passport size photo.

2-->Then click on start button.

3-->Upload you any pic or give the URL of which you want to make passport size photo.

4-->After it, you have to select the part of your photo which you want to come in your passport size photo.

5--> And you are done, your passport size photo is ready, you to just select the best enhancement.

6--> click on next button, Blink and your Passport size photo's are ready.....

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