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Bluestacks Android Emulator

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BlueStacks enables Android applications to run in Windows-based environments. The emulator is designed for laptops, netbooks and tablets running WIndows. The program supports touch screens, mice and trackpads . In addition to running Android- applications on a computer with Windows BlueStacks is able to share data between the two operating systems.

The emulator provides the ability to run Windows and Android on two separate monitors , supports one-click switching environment without rebooting and even somehow allows you to load the application from the official stores.

BlueStacks app allows you to run programs created specifically for android full screen on the operating system, Windows, and Mac OS.

By installing BlueStacks, you can:

·         Android applications run in full-screen mode , and they will work very quickly.
·         Run 10 applications available " out of the box ."

·         Uploading of your favorite Android applications from the phone to the computer ;
·         Install up to 26 of your favorite applications like Whatsapp for PC, WeChat, Template Run etc.
Developers warn that the application may run slowly on older netbooks and " tablets ". More than 5 million people around the world are using the app for android, games, software , programs, and all that now you can run on your desktop without any unnecessary movements . To create a BlueStacks took two years of work and 10 engineers . You can download the app right now, we will try to check for updates and post them for you.

Things you Need to know about Bluestacks Android Emulator
First, the Bluestacks has its own online service , in which accounts are created after the registration of the program. With the online service can synchronize applications, accounts , records of contacts , etc. between different computers on which the emulator BlueStacks, and "normal phones " on the basis of the operating system «Android». I tested this feature is only partially ( application synchronized between different computers ) , as the phone with the operating system «Android» I'm only going to buy.

Secondly , the applications for this operating system can be downloaded from online stores. The system is already installed applications to download programs from the store GetJar and Amazon. Shop Google Play is supported only in «root version ."

In the assembly emulator no regular browser and email client for «Android». Why is it done - is unclear. Possible - due to patent restrictions.

The program provides a comfortable way to customize your keyboard, and control supported system languages ??. Among the supported languages ??present Russian language . In the initial settings, you enter text using the onscreen keyboard, and the keyboard layout to match the language of the system by default. In the settings you can select the language of the keyboard , install the required layout for it , and connect your computer keyboard for typing .

The keyboard layout is changed after moving the mouse ( or your finger on the touchpad ) by pressing "space" on-screen keyboard . "Hot keys " computer hardware keyboard do not work.

The emulator in the beta installed for a single user computer , and only under the administrator account . However, he can run under the account " normal user ", but can you imagine what must have wit and what conduct " dancing with a tambourine " in order to properly install the program ...

The system is installed only if you have access to the Internet, and after installation requires a login. There are two modes of reception - with simultaneous recording of an account on the computer and the phone, or just on your computer. I chose the second option. When you register service requests an existing e-mail address , and provides PIN-code to access your account . Remember it needs to be , as in this case, re-install the service , you will not be able to log in to your account , and you are asked to register at another telephone number and email address . And it's uncomfortable . PIN- code is long, type it falls on the virtual keyboard.
The product makes high demands on the graphics card , and how Linux does not work with the original equipment . Because of this, after the installation of the emulator on my laptop with a video card SiS chipset and unknown , about half of the programs of the online stores I have not been installed , giving an error message with the video card driver .

I also have after installing the emulator at startup are now two copies of the application. I do not know this particular emulator setup program or the result of my " dancing with a tambourine ." After removal of both copies of labels from automatically launching the program will still run out and take up less memory .

In general, this emulator is very picky about RAM , and after closing the program it does not release the memory occupied by them . So after working with him to stop emulation , and exit the program . You can download Bluestacks Installer from Official Website  to Run Android Applications on PC

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Speek-A Review

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Speek for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

At enough length of writing, this will only work with US numbers, which is obviously a big drawback, but it will be beginning to globally numbers within the next few several weeks.


But for the discharge nowadays, Speek is also shifting out a WebRTC-enabled VoIP operate which gives accessibility conference contacting through Firefox – this operate remains in try out for now, but is begin to anyone all over the globe.


For the unskilled, WebRTC is an 100 % free project that gives Web users the ability to link in real-time through conversation and movie, basically by using a Real-Time E-mails (RTC) appropriate web online browser.


Google first began trialing WebRTC for Firefox almost two decades ago, and it’s now at a stage to allow pretty ideal real-time emails. Firefox is also currently in the procedure of implementing the technology, and is expected to be created available soon.


So, if you are using Firefox, you can prevent your cellphone absolutely by linking your headphones in and basically simply clicking ‘Join through your computer’.


I trialled the support with Speek co-founder and CTO Danny Boice yesterday, and it performed pretty well throughout. It’s a very visual-based program, with all associates recognizable on-screen, regardless of whether they are talking about through the web online browser or through their cellphone.


You can also ‘see’ who is talking about at any given factor, as their box-shaped personality illumination up when they discuss around the unique table.


As complications are handled, Speek is completely able to use for up to 5 people in each get in touch with. For $10/month, you get limitless associates, and the involved ability to talk about details during the get in touch with. You can also record your contacting and availability the audio transcripts later, a operate that is sorely dropping from organizations Skype, a similar VoIP assistance you may have often noticed of.


To talk about a pc computer file, you shift it to the middle and it then seems to be on-screen for others to acquire, rather than it being sent to each individual client, though it would be better if these were proven as larger signs, with file-previews and so on. You can also add text-based reviews to the ‘room’, which appear in the end right.


The desk metaphor will only last provided that the variety of members continues to be controllable – if there is 30 individuals on a contact, it would be challenging to audience them around. So, as more individuals be a part of, the desk gradually morphs into a grid-like perspective with collections of individuals.


Oh, and you can add anyone to the contact basically by basically clicking the ‘Add a caller’ key during the conference. In the same way, you can select to mime someone if they are slurping on a particularly loud frappuccino.Speek

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 - A Review

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Some of the Most Classic Phones and Their Features

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The mobile phone market has changed beyond all recognition in the 25 or so years since the devices first went on general sale. With new handsets being released on a regular basis, encouraging users to always have the most up-to-date model, many older phones were consigned to the rubbish bin.

In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in these early models which are now seen as landmarks in the development of mobile phone technology. Such phones are increasingly prized by collectors.

Although it is not able to connect to modern mobile phone networks, a premium example of the Motorola 8000 series, the first handheld mobile phone launched in the UK back in 1985, can sell for up to £500. At 600 grams, the 8000 is more than four times heavier than a modern iPhone and 15 times heavier than the Modu, the lightest mobile phone currently available.

Classic Nokia Phones

Another highly desirable model is the Nokia 6310i. Launched in 2002, it was the first model from the company to include Bluetooth. Rugged, reliable and featuring a long battery life thanks to a power pack that formed almost the entire back panel of the handset, the 6310i was a huge success right from the start.

Aimed solidly at the business market, the phone soon became the dominant GSM device in the corporate world and remains popular to this day, despite being discontinued in 2005.

Collectors looking to get their hands on the iconic phone made famous in the 1999 action film The Matrix need to exercise caution. The model in the film was a Nokia 8110 but the filmmakers adapted the handset to include a spring-loaded cover for greater dramatic effect.

This feature was then incorporated into the similar-looking Nokia 7110, leading many to believe that this, not the 8110, is the handset featured in the film. Produced three years later, the 7110 is far more advanced and was the first mobile to allow rudimentary internet access thanks to the inclusion of a WAP browser.


Newer phones are also in demand from enthusiasts. The Nokia 6700 designation has been used on two separate models - the Slide and the Classic - of which the Classic is by far the most valuable. It features a 2.2-inch display screen and a microSD slot that allows the internal memory to be expanded to a maximum of 16GB.

With a 5MP camera with LED flash, the Classic is a great handset for those looking for an alternative to a touchscreen smartphone. This means that if you decide to sell your Nokia 6700 Classic you'll find plenty of willing buyers.

For many, the original Apple iPhone, launched in 2007, is the most iconic handset of the past 25 years. With a touchscreen interface, built-in Wi-Fi and ability to run apps, it took the mobile phone market into a completely new direction.

Daniel Harper is a seasoned computing and technology writer. He has been writing for websites and print media for over 15 years. His articles on the value of older mobile phones should be of enormous help if you decide to sell a classic Nokia phone to make a little extra money.

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Why Blogging Can Promote Your Business

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Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not solely for computer professionals or technology experts. Many professionals and mainstream consumers have a strong online presence. Blogging can be a strong marketing tool, a platform for people to share their passions and an open forum for discussing issues. There are many benefits that blogging present to businesses.

Building Credibility

Blogging can be an effective means for businesses to establish themselves as credible and qualified experts in their fields. Blogs are open platforms that allow business owners and managers to publish anything they want. This gives them the opportunity to show off their expertise. This can be done by publishing posts that relate to the business, clients or the industry to attract people looking for answers. Blogs also provide the opportunity for businesses to highlight their range of services, which will help readers understand the full capabilities of the business.

Personal Relationships

Blogging allows business owners to create personal relationships with their clients. When writing blog posts, business owners should add a few details that will provide readers insights into who they are or the business culture. This may involve providing information or videos on behind-the-scenes activities. Insider details will make a blog stand out.

Public presence

Blogging helps business owners create a greater online presence for their businesses or expertise. Blogs provide greater visibility to businesses. Business owners can optimize their business blog’s design and content for search engines to direct users to the blog whenever the users search for related information. Strong online presence more often leads to increased sales, a stronger brand image and greater recognition for the business.

Blogging provides value to readers, fellow businesspersons and clients. Blogging is an opportunity for business owners to educate their clients on various aspects of their products or services. Businesses can use blogs to provide clients with helpful tips on how they can get more out of their products and services or links to other helpful information on the internet. Businesses can use blogs to respond to common customer queries and demonstrate responsiveness and transparency. Providing current, valuable content is one way of attracting repeat visitors to a business, which leads to greater exposure for the business brand.


A blog is an effective means of driving traffic to a business’ main website. However, this works if the content provided on the blog is valuable and useful to readers. Avoid posting information that is promotional. This will irritate readers or put them on the defensive. If necessary, mix promotional blog posts with general information.

Creates a Sense of Community

Blogs are open forums that allow business owners to share their passions with the world. Well-written blog posts will attract lots of readers with similar interests or simply those looking for information.

Blogging allows clients and other readers to comment. This provides businesses valuable feedback as well as creates a sense of unity with the community. With the input from readers and clients, business blogs can inspire insights and discussions that can establish strong bonds between the business and the community.

This article was submitted by Skylar James, a technology blogger and social media expert. She has 10 years of writing experience for internet and social sites. You can also see some of her writing at

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How to Take Backup of Android Phone

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How To Backup Contacts In Android and How to Backup Messages on Android Phone are one of the most common question ask by people when they change there mobile phones and they start asking to their friends or Search for it on Google and then also not get the solution and which results in loss of contacts.Previously also we made made out the solution of one more query i.e. How to create a animated video and we received request of more such How To's and we stared working on that and here is one more for you...Enjoy..

How to Take Backup of Android Phone
How to Take Backup of Android Phone
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Today in this article we will be going to cover How to Take Backup of Android Phone completely,so that you get access to your contacts,SMS,settings all in your new Gadget.

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Android Backup

Switching phones every 18 months or so is something that people have just taken for granted these days.where Apple and Windows Phone have quite a decent system for managing your phones,Android,despite its widespread use and popularity,still seem to lag little behind when it comes to developing desktop applications that support convenient backups.Most manufactures,such as Samsung and Sony,do provide their own apps but is you're a regular moderator who can't sit with the same ROM for too long,you might be in a bit of a pickle.without further ado,here are some tips to get your android phone all backed up and secure.


You can download snapPea from their official site.It is a free tool and one of the best we've seen at backing up your device.It also does more than just backup,as you shall see.

Download and install the program and also download the app on your phone,from the Google Play Store.
Tablet users will need to download the app from the main site only though as the app on the Play Store doesn't currently support the tablet app.Fire up the desktop and phones apps and you're ready to connect.The software allows you to connect.The software allows you to connect either via Wi-Fi or USB cable.For Wi-Fi,you will be given a unique key that will allow you to pair your device with the PC.To connect via USB,make sure your phone is in "USB debugging mode" as the software will not be able to interact with your device otherwise

If all goes well,you should see your phone's name and model number listed on the top left corner of the screen.Be warned that if you're using a custom ROM,the name might defer depending on the phone the ROM is based on Don't worry about it though,as long as you see a name and number you should be fine.

Moving on to the apps panel,you can create a complete of all the apps on your system.By all,we really mean all,even your default system apps can be blocked up in a jiffy.The neat thing that SnapPea manages to do here is that it also backs up all your app data along with the apk file,so all your hard work spent on Temple Run 2 or Angry Birds or even keyboard training will never again be wasted. Isn't that great ?

SnapPea lets you backup photos and contacts and messages as well.This is something your Google account does by default or any though. Android device,but it is nice to have a secondary backup just in case.Backing up messages with snapPea is a bit of a hit and miss though.We faced issues where the dates were mixed up and ancient messages were being forced to the fore.for SMSes,try SMS Backup
and Restore from Play-store.

Backing up and managing music is also quite convenient with this software,especially if you manage your music via iTunes .SnapPea lets you directly import your iTunes library and transfer it yo your phones quite easily.

The "Downloads" section of this application is one that merits a second,more detailed look,You'll see a whole pile of links there.You can download apps from 1mobile and the Google Play Store,even YouTube videos and iTunes trailers.All download will automatically be transferred to your phone in the appropriate format.There are links present to sites such as Android Central and Phandroid for those interested.

One very interesting feature of SnapPea is its ability to capture screenshots from your device.The process couldn't be simpler.Connect your device,hit the capture button on your welcome screen and that's it!! You've got a screenshot saved in the folder of your choice  The capture tool also lets you view your phone's screen in real-time,perfect for presentation and such.The response when streaming is a little low but it is sufficient if all you want to do is project your screen somewhere.

For those who like to switch ROMS a lot and routinely put their phones into recovery mode,SnapPea can get quite frustrating if you're using the default configuration.You will need to change the settings that need to change the settings that automatically launch SnapPea when a phone is detected as it will interface with your recovery or flashing process.To do this,go to settings and un-check both the check-boxes under the "Launch" sub-head.You can also enable or disable auto-backup from this screen.

How to Backup Messages on Android Phone

One of the simplest and best tools for backing up messages is the SMS Backup and best tools for backing and Restore utility available for free on the Google Play Store.Just download and install is on your phone,accept all the disclaimers and get it up and running.

To Backup the messages,hit "Backup",choose your destination folder,name your backup and hit OK.The phone might take few minutes to complete the task depending on the number of messages you have and voila.!! You have an editable XML backup of all the messages on your phone.
We would recommend saving the backup on an external SD card or something as it would be safer.
Restoring SMSes is as simple as backing then up.Suppose you formatted your phone or flashed it,just download the app again,make sure that your backed up XML file is present on the device and hit restore.Navigate to the backup location and select your file and hit OK.The interesting part here is that the app will let you decide the date from which you want to restore your messages,so all those archived messages from your childhood days need to be restored to your phone,but you can rest assured that there is a backup available should you ever want to access them again. 

How To Backup Contacts In Android

This is a very basic function that Android enables by default,but there are quite a few people who accidentally disable it or don't know about it.
To ensure that your backup and restore service is running you need to go through the following checklist in the settings section of your Android Phone.

1..In Accounts and Sync,ensure that you have setup at least one Google account.If you haven't(very unlikely),do so now.After setting it up,or if there is already an account listed,tap on that account and ensure that the check boxes for syncing your contacts,drive,photos,email etc. are selected as per your requirements.

Note-->That if you have multiple accounts, items like contacts might overlap in your contacts app.
Also,setting up Google+ will actually sync photos with your Google+ account directly on certain phones. 

2..In the Backup and Reset option,make sure that "Back up my Data" and "Automatically restore" are checked.Also verify that a backup account has been set.

By doing all of the steps mentioned above you can easily get Take Backup of Android Phone and make sure hat you applications,messages,contacts are safe.

This Post How to Take Backup of Android Phone was first posted by TrickyTechno.